Prison Valley. American Gulag

U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, at the presentation of the report of the State Department "The modern slave trade in 2013"(2013 Trafficking in Persons):

The report is based on facts and common sense. The scale of modern slavery — it's tens of millions of people living in conditions … People with no voice and no names — they do not know anybody, except for those close to them — look at us, hoping that we will help them find freedom. The problem of modern slavery exists in all countries of the world … States, whose activities in the fight against the slave trade negatively evaluated in the State Department report, twice as likely to begin to take decisive action to combat the scourge. We need to do this for as long as the modern-day slavery is finally and permanently destroyed

For reference. The report of the U.S. State Department ranks the nations of the world into three groups: first entered the country, the actions are in full conformity with the provisions of the laws of the United States for assistance to victims of trafficking and the fight against such crimes, the second — the states that are making serious efforts in this direction, in the third — country that do not meet the standards of this kind, and shows little or no effort to correct the situation.This year, China and Russia were in the third category, along with Uzbekistan, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Sudan and Zimbabwe.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in response to the U.S. report on human trafficking in the world — Look who's talking

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