Professors of the oldest university in Germany in the struggle with gender stereotypes


"Mr. professorsha" — so from now on will be referred to all the professors of the male of the oldest university in Germany. As well as, of course, female. For the students will be accepted only form of treatment, "Mr. student." "Mr. Professor" and "Mr. Student" will disappear from the pages of academic papers and letters.

Prohibiting the use of masculine forms of treatment, the management of the university hopes to take the first step in the elimination of gender-based discrimination. Accordingly in the past week has been corrected Statute of the University. At a meeting of the senate of the university expanded from 80 members of the "cons" were only a few people — mostly from the ranks of assistant professors in law, who called innovation unlawful.

Rector of the University of 57-year-old Beate Shyuking reported that the pundits and the ladies are hoping thus to "revive the debate on gender equality." Since most high school female students, no logical dissonance in a new form of treatment Ms. Shyuking not see. According to her, just so you can draw attention to the topic of women in educational institutions. After all, few students are moving on scientific careers. In the professors of the University of Leipzig, for example, only 17 percent — the ladies.

The debate about equal proportions of women in leadership positions in Germany's last for a whole year. Minister of Labour, Ursula von der Lyayen actively encourages strong interest to enter the limit for women on the boards of large companies. Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg offered to bring the percentage of heads of the fairer sex to 40 percent (it does not exceed 15 per cent). However, at a meeting of the Bundesrat (the upper house of the German parliament) proposal is not passed.

German sociologists long been clear that one of the reasons of professional discrimination against women — the traditional role of "keeper of the hearth." However, in Germany for more than a third of men and women living alone. The reform was long overdue, however, forcibly expelled the male grammatical form of the drug, the problem is not solved.

The attempt of the university senate of Leipzig called male-to-female professors manner considered by many, in turn, as discrimination based on gender. Critics believe that instead of games with the words University would have to take serious measures to support women's advancement for scientific careers. For example, to give them an equal chance to obtain professorships.

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