Radical cure for militants and separatists. On the role of the tank in modern warfare

Radical cure for militants and separatists. On the role of the tank in modern warfare
Discussing the new Russian tank «Armata» we braked on the issue, as it will comply with the conditions of modern warfare and fighting the foreseeable future. And at the same time — like a burning type of weapon is now generally tank. Let’s talk about it.

So: Do ​​not be a tank as a kind of anachronistic weapons in modern warfare? Do not put an end to its use in battle booming antitank weapons? After all, at one time gun put an end to the cavalry, and now, maybe, we look revolution in military affairs?

Indeed, NATO countries have refused until the creation of the new tanks and prefer to enjoy the same technique, which is only improvement made at the end of the last century. So, maybe they’re right? And Our homeland (as Israel, Turkey, India, China, Japan, Korea, etc.) nothing improves this kind of weapon?

There will have to say that the NATO countries in a given period were captured some incorrect theories of military art which justified «relief» combined arms units in favor of increasing their mobility (they were considered more here). These concepts have found no evidence of self-efficacy in fact, although significantly impacted the ability of NATO forces and promising armored vehicles that did not receive their own development.

But back to us and to the premises of origin have fundamentally modern war machine.

To begin again: what is the tank. In 1-x, it is highly protected combat vehicle. By the level of passive (armor) and active protection tank superior to any other types of armored vehicles. In-2 is a fighting machine, which owns a large mobility and terrain. Tank is capable of without the help of others to make long marches, intensely moving in combat, and it is available for the area actually at least some character. B-3, it means having a huge firepower. Tank gun? most massive weapon of destruction to the line of sight, which is owned by the Army. Fighting properties of these so-called formula follows the tank? armor, fire, maneuver. The combination of these properties in a military vehicle? what separates the tank from all other types of weapons.

But do not forget that the tank first, assault means. This follows from the fact that its main armament? tank gun? is an instrument of direct shot. Naturally, the tank can lead to fire and closed positions (hanging on the line of motion). But this is not its purpose. For this purpose there receiver and rocket artillery. By the way, cannon artillery howitzer becomes quite evenly (leading fire only from the closed position), because direct shot at distances changed its tanks. They are better protected from return fire and are able to move during the battle. So, comparing with other types of tank guns, it should not be confused with self-propelled artillery guns? in their different tasks and different applications in combat.

Apart from this, the tank is fire on the goals that can detect without the help of others. For this, he has a perfect complex of surveillance and target acquisition. But this does not mean that it can be confused with a means of exploration. The advantage of the tank that it is capable of without the help of others to kill the identified purpose, and even faster than other means of intelligence will be able to give target designation means of destruction. With all this it can and should receive as external information about the enemy (as its resources are limited line of sight), and provide data on explored to an associated units. He does not lead the fight separately from other troops and clearing infantry fortified defenses and artillery fire support uses (and attack aircraft) where the enemy defense is unsafe for the nomination of tanks to the firing position. It also should keep in mind.

Now you can go to by the fighting, and to assess how the tank remains in their useful and reliable. Let’s start with vulnerability. Since antitank booming (from aircraft to hand)? if they do not put an end to the use of tanks in battle?

Here it is necessary first to distinguish between anti-tank. There is the concept of «tank hazardous goal.» It does not contain, for example, enemy aircraft and precision long-range weapon. Why? Yes, as a tank? this assault vehicle. He should not have to fight for such purposes without the help of others. Security and unimpeded movement of tanks advance on their firing position? this task to other forces, interacting with them on the battlefield. With the enemy aircraft will fight its own aircraft and air defense systems. We must not forget that we are? not a banana republic. And the Russian air defenses virtually eliminate the occurrence of the battlefield enemy aircraft. Enemy artillery will not destroy tanks and their means distant act. Work for the tank? in the area of ​​his deeds guns. That is why the tank hazardous goal? those purposes for which the tank is able to fight without the help of others. These include armored opponents (including enemy tanks) and anti-tank infantry.

In the struggle with portable tools and armored vehicles, including light (often carrying anti-tank missiles or automatic guns, pose a threat to the tank of surveillance / reconnaissance), the tank has two advantages.

In 1-x is its firepower. Tank guaranteed affects every armored vehicle having a worse defense than he did. Time from detection to defeat the purpose it is substantially less than the missiles.

In-2 is its security. Not counting the passive protection (multilayer combined armor and design that provides stability to the means of destruction), modern Russian tank has active protection. This dynamic protection (RS) in a lightweight form is a block containing an explosive substance and installed over the main armor. They blow flies toward the projectile or missile, destroying them before entering the main armor or changing their line of movement. This active protection systems (KAZ), and opto-electronic systems of oppression (KOEP). First shoot in the direction of the approaching destruction means (such as a shell or rocket) or submunition beam damaging parts and detect danger with the help of compact millimeter radar spectrum. Second created to counter precision laser-guided weapons, including air-based, and armament that uses laser range finders (without which, for example, can not fully make calculations shot MSA modern tanks) and infrared homing.

All this makes the tank difficult target for liquidation even for modern anti-tank weapons. That’s why their development has led to the fact that most of the new systems tend to hit the tank top, where it is less secure. And that’s why, by the way, the new Russian tank «Armata» will have the latest build, which will protect the crew from various kinds of ammunition, hitting the top. This time requirement, which will allow the brand new tank to resist modernity and development opponent, having armed with high-quality anti-tank weapons.

But apart from the developed and there is a danger of the modern face of the enemy and armed bandit-terrorist international. He soon used in the fight against West opponents, owning massive armed forces. Such an opponent, unable to direct confrontation with the standing army will conduct combat actions where is the best protection. First, in the urban environment.

And here again, do not work without tanks. In urban areas the infantry just need a massive and highly secure means of assault. Tank gun excellent sovladevaet with fortified gun emplacements and manpower, ukryvsheysya buildings. On the need for tanks in the fight against irregular armed groups demonstrated by the experience of war in Syria, Israel’s experience leading a constant struggle against terrorism, and our own experience. Suffice it to recall how long Chechen rebels sought from federal forces ban on the introduction of tanks in populated Fri However, before getting a high price had to experience the correct implementation of the tanks in the urban environment. Hard and got the experience of the Syrian army. Not just tanks remain the foundation of combat power of the Israeli armed forces. This experience must learn and develop, as it is priceless.

… Thus, the relevance of the tanks at the current battlefield and the battlefield of the future remains very foreseeable highest. Maybe with time majestically Russian war changed the main purpose of the tank? struggle with the same tanks, only belonging to the enemy. Now the bulk of possible hostilities tanks have to deal with other puzzles. Yet in their battle simply nothing changed. There is no other means with similar firepower, coupled with high security, and mobility. And these fighting properties should promote and elevate in the newest armored vehicles.

Alexander Gorbenko

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