«Reaper» — U.S. drone crashed in Mali when performing reconnaissance mission

South American unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) «Reaper» Mali crashed when performing a reconnaissance mission. This was told July 12, 2013 representatives of the Ministry of Defense.
According to their testimony, the UAV crash happened in April because of «mechanical problems.» Question about the device, which was based in the adjacent Niger, ITAR-TASS reported.
Two UAVs «Reaper» were transferred to the base after the United States Niamey Niger and earlier this year an agreement on the status of U.S. forces in the African country. Then the base Niamey together with UAVs «Reaper» arrived about 100 American servicemen.
These actions taken within the U.S. counterterrorism campaign in Mali, which are first armed forces of France. Intelligence gathered in Mali using UAVs «Reaper», U.S. shared with France.
Pentagon notified the U.S. Congress of days his intention to put France up to 16 vehicles «Reaper» for 1.5 billion dollars
These functional aircraft with a wingspan of 20.1 meters, a length of 11 meters and the highest take-off weight of 4.7 tons, carry precision weapons — missiles and bombs can climb to an altitude of 15 thousand meters and fly one thousand nautical miles.

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