Sociologists suggest that emigration mood today visited every other representative of the middle class. Levada Center commissioned by the EU-Russia Centre conducted a survey according to which 50% of Russians dream of leaving the country. Among moderate or active supporters of the move to the country amounted to 75% of people under 35 years of age. 63% of respondents would like their children to study and work abroad.

Surprisingly, polls "necessary" and "unnecessary" the researchers do not coincide with the actual statistics:

Left in 2000 — 233 thousand people (rode more than 500 thousand)
in 2008 — 32 thousand people (rode 280 thousand)
for half of 2010 — 15 thousand people

Russian citizens in 2009 were nearly 400,000 people.!

68 percent of the "new" Russians — foreign citizens who received citizenship in the so-called simplified procedure. Currently such a circuit operates, including
for participants in the state program for resettlement in Russian compatriots abroad

Only 40% of those who are of Russian higher education.
Less than half — Russian nationality (only to Poland in 2008 left about 6 thousand Chechens)


for the outlook in 2008, emigrated from Germany 738 thousand! (Population 82 million)
in 2003, left Latvia 2 210 thousand inhabitants of Latvia.
2009 — 7 thousand 388. (Population 2,000,000)
Emigration from Latvia behind Russia 4-5 times, and the population is less than 70 times!

Ukrainian guest workers transferred to his homeland in 2009 $ 5.3 billion Moreover, most of the money came from Russia to Ukraine 1.25 billion, the United States and Poland — 545 and $ 450 million

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