Renunciation of the Pope, the fire from the sky and the mystery of life


People throughout the long history vegda believed in omens, signs and wonders. And is it really so ignorant and superstitious were our ancestors? Is it in our modern intellect and the denial of all senior and inexplicable, not utter a secret, "God, help me …" do not observe certain rituals in life? So where does this inner fear, why look with hope to the sky? What's in a cold and distant universe that we expect?

By itself, the word — the "sign" — a very succinct and covers the whole of human experience and spiritual insight. The etymology of the word is directly connected with the verb "to know". In a religious sense (from the Jews. "Bear" or "off") — a sign — a guarantee or proof of the covenant, or evidence of something coming, a visible sign of God as an experience of "supernaturalTION events. " This was immediately followed by the following categories, as revelation and prophecy. They are designed to uncover and clarify the meaning of the signs, connect them to the world history of Earth humanity. But see for the signs of the clear light of truth distant future is not possible, therefore, how the prophecies and revelations are written in the language of symbols and images, which, because of their spiritual abilities and sends people to the outside mir.Odnako, and history tells a different experience — the beginning people were given the revelation or prophecy, and their certification is certain signs. In Viedma, this experience we are experiencing today.

In late February, there were two surprising signs — a "renunciation of the Pope" (Benedict XVI) and the "fire from heaven" (meteorite over Chelyabinsk, lightning over the Vatican).

And if we consider the "fire from heaven," as the sign of God in the performance of certain prophecies, the renunciation of the Pope — is a direct indication of the self-fulfilling prophecy. And this prophecy associated with the name of St.. Malachi. About him, Pope Innocent II:

"Let each one will fall down before him: for this man is revealed to us by God!"

His manuscript was found
at the end of the XVI century. and was called "Prediction of the Roman popes." The penultimate Pope was Benedict XVI, spoke of him as "the glory of the olive." With this tie event that the new pope could become a Jew, and on the other hand, the olive tree — a symbol of peace and the long-awaited peace and prosperity among the nations on earth. But they forget the main thing, that the bitter fruits of the olive and is not to everyone's taste. Apparently, this moment is as it were the forerunner of the last Pope:

"At the end of time the place of the Holy Roman Church will take Peter Romanov, who will feed the weak-willed making a lot of disasters. At this time, City of the Seven Hills will be destroyed and the monstrous Judge will judge the people. End."

Who are these "helpless" and what kind of "disaster," says Malachi? Today it is becoming increasingly clear that religion and church experience as a spiritual and moral crisis. All the efforts of church leaders secretly and openly aimed primarily at the multiplication of wealth and hiding the negative aspects of the priests and the elimination of dissent. But people's thinking and inertia, with nothing in return, they habitually turn to God. All the more so when it is invisible and unknowable, it is possible to do alone with himself, with his conscience. They are far from religious fanaticism, when only a sacred trust, not to think or reason. These are people with a "sleeping consciousness" — they who have a "spineless." They should say, "Wake up!" But if they want it, do not you sleep comfortably in the "warm little bed?" And many will have to wait until such time as the development is not forcibly throw them out of this "little bed." But where they wake up, that would be it for the world, who will have faith in? It is this inner fear, "ostrich behavior", will meet face to face with the truth, and that the Bible has brought to people for thousands of years. Is not it amazing, we know that the secret doctrine of the Gods was hidden in the Bible back in the days when "men and gods lived together," have reached us only fragments of this exercise, due to the "efforts" of church officials, but we experience the animal fear to accept the Truth — "… the city of seven hills will be destroyed …". This is preceded by two signs — "renunciation of Pope" and "fire from heaven"!

The entire Bible is held by the "Seven Hills" — this is the Seven Days of Creation, it pevye chapter entitled "Genesis" or the "Cosmology of Moses." It is this doctrine is the cornerstone of all religion and faith, the basis and foundation of the church. This Scientists reveal the secret meaning of the works of man, who were our gods, and to whom we will eventually have to worship. Will our faith is true or remain in the darkness of ignorance and religious fanaticism?

Ever since the ancient time had a steady notion that the biblical God is a universal God Elohim. It was he who created the heavens and the earth, created the sun, moon and stars. The Church, for its part, strongly supported and strengthened the image in various commentaries and sermons. Even today, at the present state of our knowledge, silently and shyly accepted this thesis. But why, where hidden cause of false humility? This can be explained only by the fact that to date there is no disclosure of the true meaning of the Teaching, which is set out in the text of Genesis. Once this truth becomes known earthly humanity, comes "The End," wrote Malachi. But not the end of mankind and the end of the hidden secrets! The role of religion and the church will be executed — it preserved and handed down to posterity this teaching. And at the level of spiritual enlightenment within these descendants will be possible to continue to learn this truth. But would the church voluntarily surrender their position? It is, and position in society, and the influence and wealth. Of course not, because of that, and will be "… committed a lot of relief," not for the sake of truth and faith, and for the sake of their own well-being.

The mystery of the divine teachings was hidden beneath the two "layers" — the language and the words and the second layer of concealment — the symbols and images. Thanks to the scribes, rabbis, theologians, there is a huge archive of various religious texts, teachings, comments, etc. They tried the same in the case of distortion of the biblical text and the translation bringing his secret meaning earth spirit, then it is logical to bring the whole story to the genus of Abraham. Already a comparison of different editions of the Bible, reveals the ambiguity of translations of texts "The Torah has seventy faces". Against this background, stands out mystical translation Oliva "The cosmogony of Moses", which was not subject to pressure and censorship by the church. It is difficult to understand, but largely clarifies and supplements the text of the Bible. Until today, no one has yet managed to penetrate the layer of symbols and images. This is possible only on the basis of a meta-historicalOn analaza, at the level of current knowledge and understanding at last — who were the gods of the Elohim of the Bible as they created man and why.

In the first sentence of the Bible was allowed a translation error or falsified crucial word. Elohim is not "created" and "shared" Heaven and Earth! Biblical God never was the god of the universe! If the text of the Bible says about the creation of heaven, the sun or the stars, it is only characters, which hides the reality is quite different. And that reality took place in an entirely different time and space. And the one who hid this reality in the symbols and images of the earth, he knew the reality itself, and therefore knew the gods. Perhaps, in the beginning, it was very "earthly gods" or their envoys.

In the book, Ivy LFCC "The creation of androgynous, that hid the Bible", just revealing the mystery of creation. The book was sold out on the first day at the book fair in Leipzig. The text of "Life" — are pieces of the greatest creators of our genetic experiment — an advanced civilization androgynous Elohim. "Seven Days Tvoreiya" was not the creation of the universe or some of its components, and this was to create a unique living being named in the book of the uterus androgynous. As you know, any genetic experiment involves a large number of "guinea pigs".

The uterus was the first and the main link for the birth of embryos androgynous through artificial conception. The first "Six Days of Creation" opens the main stages of its creation. "And there was evening and there was morning." But is the creation happened last night? Of course not! Creation took place by thought Elohim, but not his mind and thoughts. By the greatest concentration of his brain, as if froze — "evening", and open channels for the spiritual images of the Universal Mind. When he again came back to reality, occurred "morning", but the day was always the same — it is a day of Creation. "The Seventh Day" was a special — seal and the final formation of the brain and the body of the uterus, what is often called "sinking into the matter."

Elohim created androgynous, above all, for its internal needs and problems of their civilization. They made their sorting and screening that are designated as different rivers flowing from the garden. The latest in the classification of a river Prat, not covering any "land". It is from these "waste" and began a further experiment, to obtain same-sex androgyne, which were called the Adamites. But why was it important for the advanced civilization of the Elohim. It turns out that they have created the first human civilization of humans on Earth. But in the course of their evolyuii, this civilization was threatened extinction. So Elohim plan was simple, but worthy of the gods. Having a uterus earthly women who were still able to produce healthy eggs, to create a new seed or sperm for their fertilization. For this purpose, and were created "sons" in November, as the bearers of the seed. In this case, the "old seed" unusual and should be destroyed, that is, all of the male population of Aboriginal people. This was "The Creative Act" Elohim in action. Unfortunately, just these glvy text of the Bible as an emerging and the children settled in November from the Bible disappeared. Thus, the true inhabitants of our earth are women, and men — it imported the "seed."

Unbelievably fantastic and the way in which this "seed" was delivered to the Earth. For this purpose we have created a special group of androgynous under the name Noah. And each of them had two embryos implanted by "sons". On the spaceship they were in a deep dream state and All activitys body blocked at the cellular level was inhibited. Not on Earth and in space and were born in these "sons". Noah was not the real father of his children, and his belly and served by the famous "kovegom" that many enthusiasts are still looking at the world. Similarly, Eden seems like a big institution on their planet, and "The Garden" in it — it's specially designed laboratory.

It is sad to realize, but Adam and Eve were our first parents. Eve, as a result of experimental error, could not give birth to healthy children of Adam, but only "Kotz and the gift is a gift" — the physical and mental freaks. So her uterus was again "rebuilt" for the birth of the embryos that implanted her Ashe Elohim. We once used to think that man is the supreme creation of the universal God. And what or who we compare ourselves? With the wildlife of the earth? It is difficult to argue — among the animals man is the supreme creation.

According to those characteristics, which are incorporated in human Ashe Elohim, our civilization is at the lowest level of androgynous. We are different in the "better" only at the level of the first generation of people who had disappeared from the face of the Earth. Over approximately 60-80 thousand years, we have evolved in the direction of improving their performance, but have not yet reached the limit. What happens when we reach the threshold of this limit? Do not come back to Earth a new "seed", and our women will start to revive the third generation of the world's humanity? Unusual and surprising story of creation and development of man, which the Bible and the ancient texts of the pyramids of Egypt brought to us through the millennia. And it can be called a miracle!

A. Sheng


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