Resident aliens of Chernigov Chipirovannye


54-year-old resident of the district Schorskogo (Chernihiv region) Love Nechayev (name changed for privacy) of all that is said and written about the end of the world, only believes in one thing: aliens ever did fly.

Known only from what intentions: to save earthlings from disasters or make them their slaves. The woman claims that for 20 years has a mark on his body from the aliens.

Agreed to tell me how to get it, on one condition: not to be named or her real name or address. He says he does not want a new wave of ridicule, because enough have suffered from them before, when everyone talked about what happened.

In the village hall talk about it but positive: hard-working, good housewife, wife, mother and grandmother. She worked at Schorskom electromechanical plant, while she was working. Now "to modify pension" in the number of staff in one of the organizations Schorsa.

Witnessed what happened to her were her parents and daughter (at that time — the first grade). The first is deceased and the other confirmed that she and her mother did see a flying saucer.

— It was in the fall, sometime in early October — says Luba. — My daughter came to my parents in Radvino (farm Nizkovskogo village council. — Ed.). Namayalis the garden, went to bed early. I woke up bright kind of light that penetrated under the eyelids. He walked out of the window, in front of which stood my bed. Everything in the house was red. My first thought — a fire.

I shouted, "Get up! 're Burning! "In the rush grabbed clothes and tripped the alarm clock on the table. It was about half past three in the morning.

In a few minutes the three of us (me, daughter and mother) scantily clad jumped onto the porch. Father some time remained in the house. So it all started without him.

The first thing we saw was a big, ten meters or even more elongated bullet. It hung in the sky not far from our yard — over the bushes. Just above the place where grown raspberries.

Retreated from a bullet fiery red powerful rays. Suddenly I felt numb body. In head as if someone let loose the fog, I see everything, but do not understand what's going on. It feels as if someone is controlling you, despite your will, and you can not resist. There was no excitement, no fear. Only some unknown force was pushing me forward uncontrollably. I went out of the gate and walked toward the bushes. And suddenly heard shouts father.

He was not looking at the plate in the sky. Left home when I was already "led", and immediately ran after him. Caught up, turned 180 degrees and the hand led home. Swearing until the court. And then drove us all into the house and shut the windows with blankets. Light some time filtering through them, and then he was gone. All lasted less than an hour. And it seemed that was a lot of time. We were shocked — no one could sleep.

When I told this to my friends and colleagues, I just scoffed at. About UFOs have heard everything, but no one believed that UFOs did not appear anywhere, and it is in a small hamlet, and even tried to kidnap me. I was laughed at everything.

But miracles are not ceased. A few months later, in the spring, in the morning I was awakened by a sharp pain in his back. As if stung by a wasp. In the mirror I could see the middle of the back (so that the hand can not reach) near the spine narrow short (centimeter or a little more) white stripes and a drop of blood on it. When the daughter wiped the blood, the strip was barely visible. It did not hurt, and I calmed down. A night in the place was mercilessly itch. I scratched the crest (nothing more than a hand not caught) all the skin around.

Although renounce not to tell anyone, but broke down and told him. The response was the same. Only now told me that the aliens implanted in the back of the chip to control.

After 20 years, the band has never darkened the sun, although several times I was resting on the sea. It does not "see" X-ray. And it itches at night only.

Told this to the surgeon in one of Kiev clinics where was examined. He's the one who took all seriously. Advised to consult a specialist, who has been studying UFOs. But I did not find the time, because then I'd had enough of other ills. And lately, strange things happen with the clothes. More precisely, with the part that touches the strip on the back. First appears on the cloth pile, as terry towel and then place it in the rushes.

On T-shirts women porous irregular ovals are at a distance of 20 cm from the shoulder seam of approximately the same size — 10 cm long and 5 wide. This I saw with my own eyes.

— And the aliens are no longer disturbed? — I ask Luba.

— Plates did not see. A few times was this: I type in the evening the water and see the light at the bottom of the well of the two lamps. Fire red, already lit. I want to run away, and if something is holding me. I got out a bucket — is nothing.

— In myself have not noticed any changes?

— After the event in Radvino to anything solid can not be touched with bare hands. Touch to the table and starts to beat me shock. Not much, but enough is palpable.

A raspberry patch in the bushes, over which hung a flying saucer was gone. In its place there was a great anthill.

PSV Nizkovskom village council about UFOs over twenty years ago Radvino (the distance between the hamlet and Nizkovkoy — 6 kilometers) could not say anything. And do not remember such a remote area. However, there remains only two dozen people.

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