Review of volcanic activity in the beginning of March

Review of volcanic activity in the beginning of March Natural Disasters

During the first week in March 2012 seismic activity 17 volcanoes on the planet in varying degrees, changed its character. About five new volcanoes have moved to more dangerous stage.

Besides Bezymyannyi (55,978 ° N, 160,587 ° E) in Central Kamchatka, has been assigned the "red" key risk is worth noting as volcanoes Cleveland, Etna, Kanaga and Tungurahua.

CLEVELAND (52,825 ° N, 169,944 ° W, 1730 m), Fr. Chuginadak, Alaska

March 3 at the satellite image of the volcano was noted weak thermal anomaly. The current code is dangerous volcano "orange." For Cleveland as the status monitor.

ETNA (37,734 ° N, 15,004 ° E, 3330 m), Fr. Sicily, Italy

March 4, 2012 from the new south-eastern crater of the volcano erupted a third, more powerful than the previous, the fountain of lava. For 15 minutes the lava reached the south-eastern edge of the volcano and went to the western boundary of the Valley of Beauvais. Explosive activity has been replaced by a powerful and long-spouting internal contents, resulting in over Etna formed pyroclastic cloud. Deposition of particles on the slopes of the volcano caused avalanches. The eruption lasted from other parts of the crater. Because of the interaction of hot ash clouds and snow on Etna formed poles pair, driving the rock fragments over long distances. Com from disparate fragments reached a monitoring station "Belvedere".

Lava flows during the eruption of 3.5 km in length, and the smoke column rose to 2-3 km. Volcanic ash by wind drifted towards Piedmont, Etneo and Taormina. Even in southern Calabria and Messina were reported ash deposits.

Kanaga (51,923 ° N, 177,168 ° W, 1307 m), Adreyanovskie Islands, Bering Sea

This volcano, on the contrary, for a specified length of time has reduced the level of its activity to a minimum. March 2 Kanaga received only a "green" code of danger.

Tungurahua (1,467 ° S, 78,442 ° W, 5023 m), Ecuador

From February 29 to March 2, the volcano was hidden behind the clouds. March 3 increased its seismic activity, there were clouds of ash to a height of 3 km, drifting to the south and southwest. Ash was allocated to dozens of kilometers from the eruption, the roar of which was clearly audible in the nearby villages.

List of volcanoes, which marked the resumption of activity at the beginning of March 2012:

Bagan, about. Bougainville (Melanesia) — Fuego (Guatemala) — El Hierro, Canary Islands (Spain) — Karymsky East Kamchatka (Russia) — Kilauea, Hawaii (USA) — Kizimen East Kamchatka (Russia) — Popocatepetl (Mexico) — Puyeue, the central part of the Republic of Chile — Sakurajima about. Kyushu (Japan) — Santa Maria (Guatemala) — Shiveluch, Central Kamchatka (Russia) — Suvanosedzima, Ryukyu Islands (Japan).

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