Rising sea levels provokes relocation of an entire nation

Rising sea levels provokes relocation of an entire nation Facts

Fig. Nation of Kiribati, located below sea level.

President of one of the Pacific nation of Kiribati, called plans to buy land in Fiji, in order to fully move back all its citizens. The reason being relocated will be a growing level of water in the ocean.

This migration will be the first in modern history to be because of climate change. Kiribati is going to buy 2025 hectares of vacant land in the archipelago to build homes and start farming, since a significant number of 32 own atolls stretching in the Pacific by 3.5 million km2, is hidden under the water. 113 thousands of people have crowded around the administrative center of Tarawa, which is a chain of small islands around the lagoon. More habitable islands in Kiribati left.

Kiribati guide to start planning to send to Fiji a small part of the people, such as skilled workers, which could benefit the economy of the host country, and not be there as a disenfranchised refugees or second-class citizens. Further possible purchase of land on the second largest island of Vanua Levu, Fiji, if the situation with the water level will be quite critical. Had previously been considered as an option structure of the artificial island, since the surface area of less than 807 km2, being only a few meters above sea level.

Before Kiribati became independent from Britain in 1979, the island had the name, derived from the name of the British Captain Thomas Gilbert, who discovered them in 1788. The modern name — this will change the name of the local pronunciation of captain.

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