Russia has a new giant gas field

Russia may delay the operation of the giant Shtokman gas field. Experts like Gazprom opened near Sakhalin — this is the vice-director of the group Andrey Kruglov.


Discussion by the Polish news portal Wirtualna Polska:Rosja ma nowe gigantyczne zloza gazu

Complexes Pole

— It is immoral and unfair to other country had so many resources, it should share with other inhabitants of the planet. Or voluntarily, or we will take by force.

— @ Korek
Go to the Muscovite legions of them. Edgar of Wloszczowa (Sejm deputy Przemyslaw Edgar Gosevsky [who died in a plane crash near Smolensk] was famous for personally procured to in Wloszczowa, a small town with a population of 10 million, stayed fast trains — approx. Trans.)?

— We all have something, but we are always a mess.

— @ Wiarus
We have Yarkach savior, Antek and father of director.

— Yes, what would Muscovites lived if they did not have oil and gas? Gold, diamonds and other natural resources. They are not even able to feed themselves, all imports. The only industry — this war industry, and that ends with a list of their "industry". Without the natural resources they do not exist. If other states will be able to free themselves from dependence on their gas, it will be the end of them. And to them, I wish with all my heart.

— @ Urabura
Muscovites far from the Polish innovation and new technologies, driving forward the Polish economy.

— @ Urabura

— @ Urabura
You know, the wealth must be protected.

Edmund. Jakubiszyn
— @ Urabura
You better be sad about what you will live, when you go to retire.

Zofija z Rociny RM
— @ Urabura
When Jaroslav win savior, we will become the most powerful producer in the world mohair beretok beads and long-range combat, everything will be afraid of us.

— We also have, but we are not able to learn anything. Certainly sell, as well as all that we have!

— @ Re-ginka1
That's it. Chocolate Factory is owned Kitajka, and now the two meat-packing plant, what's next? Bravo, Donald.

— And Lech Kaczynski wanted to expose to ridicule Russian, why? Chicken brain.

-@ Vero
Because the hare funny, and they have a candle in my head.

-@ Vero
For the sake of accuracy — not a chicken, and duck.

— We zasr CET … many slates.

— Eliminated (and continue to liquidate) Polish industry! In 1990, the industry provided 43% of GDP and in 2012 — only 21% (EU average — 45%). I bet that in a year or two the government announced bankruptcy of public finances. And then the situation in Poland is much worse than in Greece. I therefore support the creation of the Party of Pensioners of the Commonwealth of Poland! They believe that one should bet on small and medium-sized Polish enterprises that future retirees have been adequately provided! Their slogan — "Everyone will be retired in the future, if survive!" Therefore, they are betting on the economic and health!

-Again, someone was robbed! Putin and Moskalsky shame. Soon they will not have enough rubles to carry out transfers. Interestingly, "some BP» more tempted to invest in Russia … that it then "nationalized." When "it comes to anything." I think you remember the "transferable rubles?"

— In Poland, too, but came ukaz from the Kremlin that they are not mine.

— A true Pole is still in the Stone Age of the gas.

— Now, such information will be in the price, we must turn away from the extraction of shale gas, and probably also start to play with the prices.

— @ Szad
It would be necessary, in the end, to private consumers to lower gas prices, but if not, then pick up some rebellion.

Taka prawda
— @ Szad
We know w … e dirt, not shale gas. And with its neighbors but in addition to the Slavic brothers to live in harmony and mutual respect! What's done is done, let's leave history to historians, is now much more important than the present and the future!

-@ Taka prawda
"What's done is done"? nothing passed. All the time we Muscovites x …. etc. even with gas prices or the Smolensk catastrophe.

— This moskalskaya propaganda! All such information is started in order to undermine the validity of shale exploitation! Do not listen to this nonsense! Moskalskaya economy is sinking! Gas — it's not all!

— @ Polak
Before moskalskaya economy will sink on the bones of the Polish grow coral reef J. And besides, no one and nothing is forever.

— @ Polak
Maybe it is sinking, but so far it has the world's third foreign exchange reserves.

Nie zazdrosc!
— @ Polak
It's an ugly trait — envy! You're going to work in Russia will go, kid!

— @ Polak
Sinking U.S. and the Jews, the ram. Russian blooms. Learn.

Coraz cieplej
— This advertisement is that the gas in Poland will become cheaper twice or more expensive if we demand the return of Tupolev.

— Hi! I — a mindless lemming and the Internet's old troll. I bring all apologies for being late, so as soon as possible to sit down and comment on each another article. After all, I have to perform a daily rate of spitting on the PiS! Urrraa! Soon the payment of salaries for writing GPohvalnyh comments on the topic of my beloved leader! So be GProslavlen TuSSk Donald and his squire N. Stefek!

Do debila Eryka [2013-05-31 23:25]
You navonyal again on the forum, piSSopaty utyachy manure!

Por. Jajec
You're not fully presented. In addition you have blackjack, dunce and rectum write.

Racja …
We seem to know … Is that someone tries to use your nickname? If you're the Eric … I cordially greet you and "the geographical center of Europe" …

Kill bill
— And what about the fact that they have, if only the politicians make money on it, and save money in Switzerland, the Russian prime mired in poverty, as in the King.

Nie rusofob
— @ Kill bill
You were in Russia, that so confidently declares dire poverty Russian — simple? I spent two years working in the Eagle, and I assure you that the lives of ordinary Russian systematically improving, it is a country that has only begun to recover from 70 years of communism (Poland has a problem, a huge after 40 years). The country, which has never in its history has never known democracy and just learning it. The Russian people were enslaved forever doomed to the role of servants and lackeys, rising from its knees and begins to democratize.

— We know, we know, in the shale GPOlshe.

— Russian fixers. They are for the sake of their goals will do. That's only the authorities, as well as our own, forget about ordinary citizens.

— Yes obozhrites you that your gas, Putin let it sucks ass.

— Poles, we have oil, gas, gold. We will buy your premerchika and all your funny country.

Muscovites do whatever it takes to freeze the production of Polish shale gas.

— @ Sten
There is no Polish shale gas, you polyachishka-crazy.

— It farts miners underground. Inexhaustible source of gas.

Jan -49
— If I had such denzhischi won, if only you and I have seen the world is great.

— These huge deposits from them, of course, is, only in his underwear after cabbage.

— We gave up in the wrong hands the economy and the banks, let's give away another currency and the earth, then we can only sing: "It was you, ham, golden horn, but there was only a rope" (quote from the drama Stanislaw Wyspianski "Wedding" — a comment . Trans.) — to live better, richer and safer! To avoid this, set up a Party of Pensioners of the Commonwealth of Poland! They believe that one should bet on small and medium-sized Polish enterprises that future retirees have been adequately provided! Their slogan — "Everyone will be retired in the future, if survive!" Therefore, they are betting on the economic and health! Enough to humiliate and exploit this social group!

Wieslaw Pilch
— Of course, China is much closer! That's the point! Take a look at the You Tube, write Wieslaw Pilch and see how much knowledge about China you get. Good luck.

— I suggest, as Kaczynski — just attack the Russian and capture these fields … What is the problem then?

— And why all this gas? Already have technology to produce free energy. Finally, let some Prometheus will provide us access to them.

— In Russia the new gas field in Poland.

— In 1983, on the Russian island of Sakhalin downed Korean airliner — Korean Air 007 — Boeing 747-200A (flight KAL007 — from Anchorage, Alaska to Seoul in South Korea). Killing all — 269 people.

— @ Wiki
And they were right — why he flew there and did not listen to accompanying his fighters.

— @ Wiki
And the U.S. is burned forests in Vietnam … and where does the plane … ha ha ha.

Tak mysle …
-@ Ktos
What do you mean? And while the U.S. burned forests in Vietnam — as you wrote? After all, Vietnam is far from Sakhalin and the Korean plane was shot down over the island of Sakhalin. Properly written, you're depressed or what — should be treated, soldier!!

— @ Ktos
You're a cowboy, and what relationship the United States, Vietnam, etc. to the Russian island of Sakhalin?

Q 11111
— @ Tak mysle …
As usual, the poor United States, the plane did not listen to the warnings, and it was shot down, the Americans would have done the same thing, so do not set.

— @ Wiki
Well, you see, and most recently in Smolensk, they did it without even firing a shot!

— @ Wiki
Would you like to fly on a plane that deviates from the course of more than 600 km?

— Sakhalin Ainu belongs.

— And we have — a great g … and we rejoice that it is in Russian.

— Tusk, lead us to Moscow!

— As it is, this is our living!

— We also have gas and corrupt politicians.

— Gas is cheaper.

— @ MAX
Is that only in Moscow.

— These deposits belong to Muscovites only until 2014, and then we will select them.

— And we have gas for fools, we have it as much as we talk about it.

-The oligarchs (ie, thieves) multiply and grow rich, and the company continues to live in poverty.

— Muscovites! Tusk told us that he was told that we would still have shale knock down!

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