RUSSIA plans to adopt the T-99 BY 2015

RUSSIA plans to adopt the T-99 BY 2015
Our homeland by 2015 plans to begin modernizing their armored and mechanized forces, writes Defense Update August 10. Created a new family of combat vehicles, including the «radically new main battle tank» T-99.
The layout of the tank will be ready for testing in 2013, or about 10 months earlier than planned, said first deputy defense minister Alexander Sukhorukov. The new tank was designed «to» Uralvagonzavod «Omsk». Deliveries of the first tanks are planned for 2015. It is expected that by 2020, will produce a total of about 2300 major difficulties tanks.
It should be remembered, writes Defense Update, that our homeland planning combat acts not only against NATO forces, but focus is on the design plans of confrontation with Islamic countries on the southern borders and the growing power of China in the East. Armored and mechanized forces are a major factor merits military advantages or parity against such threats. The level of technology to counter such threats may not be as advanced as against the United States and NATO.
According to preliminary data, the new T-99 is the least revolutionary in terms of technology than «failed» to 195 (T-95). T-99 will weigh less and thus makarom be more mobile and not so costly than its «more fundamental predecessor.»
Russian industry is also developing a family of eight-wheeled armored combat vehicles «Boomerang» to spoof the BTR-90. In addition, developed tracked combat vehicle «Kurganets-25», which will have a high degree of commonality with the new tank. At its base will be developed different models that will change uniformly Infantry fighting vehicles, the MT-LB and other types tracked platforms.

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