Russia showed a deadly weapon

Russia showed a deadly weapon

Our homeland pointed to «Euronaval» ultramodern gun
Our homeland adequately addressed the «Euronaval 2012», although the interior is not different scale and was quite shy. Apparently affected by the global monetary crisis that we like and do not notice. Maybe because Russian and exposure, and our proposals for the establishment of a more closely integration in the field of shipbuilding in the spotlight.

Important treaties have been concluded, but the groundwork for the future took shape, according to all Russian shipbuilders who worked at the salon, very decent. CEO of «Rosoboronexport» Anatoly Isaykin noted that fraction of the sales of our naval equipment and armaments for the limit constantly grows and already more than 20 percent of total exports. Very well proven in the global market warships like «Cheetah» and «Tiger». Has good potential new submarine «Amur-950». It is designed to CDB Marine Engineering «Rubin».

A distinctive feature of «Amur-950» in its block assembly. It can be delivered to customers as pure as the torpedo and missile-torpedo. Rockets «Club» located in the vertical shaft and can affect all types of sea targets at a range of several hundred kilometers, and terrestrial objects. The boat has its own defense system. But the most unique in that spice «Rubin» specifically for «Cupid» airindependent developed a unique power plant.

As the correspondent said «RG» company CEO Igor Villeneuve, unique in the world this is not.

At the salon «Euronaval 2012» virtually all developers NNS say they are ready to install the new boating energy projects, eliminating the need for float charging Accum. But such proposals are very vague and very expensive. In addition, they all involve placement on board the huge tanks with untainted hydrogen and oxygen, which increases fire hazard boats.

The «Ruby» went the other method. Here development designed specifically for producing hydrogen from diesel fuel by the so-called reformer. This allows you to reuse the infrastructure and those supplies of fuel used in diesel-electric submarines of traditional plants. Besides all the hydrogen produced is processed immediately that fundamentally based on the beliefs of security. The process of developing the current is quite silently, which significantly increases the stealth submarine underwater course. Also increases the length of stay under water. Energy capacity of our plants — 400 kW. Best zabugornye analogues give less than 180 kW.

«Amur-1650» organically combines classics and revolutionary know-how. Also airindependent power plant on the boat is the usual diesel generator and a number of batteries. In other words, the submarine can walk on the surface, using diesel-electric installation, and underwater akkumy either energy from airindependent installation. Ordinary and not very expensive submarine acquires properties practically nuclear submarine. Without a doubt, our designers at the moment are in the lead in a very promising direction submarine.

Russian shipbuilders general leadership in the international salon feels very good. We are very advanced in the field of marine stealth technology. Central Marine Design Bureau «Almaz» from St. Petersburg, which is recognized by leading global professionals, uses stealth technology more perfectly than even Americans. For example, project 20382 corvette best configuration ramps and superstructures, also allowed the widespread use of carbon fiber to reduce the radar signature of the ship more than 50 percent.

We have not lost and leadership in the development of truly breakthrough architecture ships. The same «Diamond» showed a model ship project «Lightning». Warship walks to planing speeds of about 30 knots, and planing very rapidly reach speeds above 40 knots. Supplies running from 2200 to 2800 miles. No analogues in the world! Name is consistent content.

Northern Design Bureau showed functional warship project 22160. His model was one of the most popular throughout the USC board. He has an unusual body shape, so-called deep V. It assigns the ship seaworthy interesting properties and can significantly increment internal volumes. Besides housing such forms are very technologically. Representatives of virtually all shipbuilding companies came, saw and what is said, scratching his head as they previously did not think first?

One of the real sensations of international salon, which has a direct relation to the Russian Federation, was the presentation of a joint venture USC TRANSAS. Created for an active implementation in Russian shipbuilding new IT-technologies, develop all-embracing and integrating simulators all shipboard electronics through a special testing center.

Learn how to manage a modern warship and its excellent use different weapon nesusvetno difficult. Go for it once years. According to the director of the joint venture and the 1st of the leading global professionals in the creation of training complexes Eugene Komrakova, it is time to radically change the very system of education and training of crews of warships. At the design stage is necessary to create simulators for all major nodes of the ship, integrating them into a single system. Then another ship under construction crew will be able to master it one hundred percent before the first leg explorer set foot on deck.

Such a task, incidentally, was solved for Vietnam. Navy purchased this country we have several modern class corvettes «Cheetah». Specifically for this contract has been designed and built a training complex, including 56 battle stations. Vietnamese crew so perfectly mastered the management of Russian corvette that when sailors boarded, they immediately began to their jobs and fighting positions, starting with no problems. Now the forces of the joint venture, the Head of Staff of the Navy and developers of new ship designs will be addressed overarching task creation simulators for all new ships.

Another problem to be solved is to create a single integrator of electrical systems designed ships. Abroad, there are several large integrators who themselves bought electrical equipment of ships, conduct its testing on special boards, eliminates completely natural electrical incompatibility cases, improves all systems and later installs them on ships. We have another practice. All integration is already happening on the board at the time, so-called, the saturation of the ship. This sometimes causes a very severe problem, which can be rectified even when the ship came into service.

Preparatory integration of electrical equipment are now planned to realize the scale of all shipbuilding programs USC. Talks about it at the moment go, including to «Euronaval 2012», which is natural, because the salon gathered together representatives of leading Russian shipbuilding design bureaus and plants. So in France not only solved puzzles of foreign trade and international cooperation, and purely domestic Russian prepyadstviya.

Sergei Ptichkin

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