Russian specialists admired photographs of the Earth


  Satellite "Electro-L" took pictures of the planet at a resolution of 121 megapixels

  • Photo: Research Center for Earth Operative Monitoring /
  • Photo: Research Center for Earth Operative Monitoring /

Experts around the world caught up remarkably clear pictures of Earth from space that made the Russian satellite remote sensing of the Earth "Electro-L". An animated version of the most beautiful images of the planet can be see Our site Science Center for Earth Operative Monitoring.

"Electro-L» № 1 placed into geostationary orbit January 20, 2012. Since its launch in addition to the previously launched the low sun-synchronous orbit "Meteor-M» № 1 Russia started to form the constellation of hydrometeorological naznacheniya.Fotografii unique in that they are a combination of visible and near-infrared light, so that the Earth appears to have not be what people are used to see her (vegetation in the pictures, for example, looks red).

U.S. portal Huffington Post raves featuring "Blue Planet", which entirely fit into a single frame (meaning, of course, a complete picture of one of the hemispheres). The Russian satellite "Electro-L" took off the Earth with a resolution of 121 megapixels — the highest resolution with which ever photographed the planet. Portal writes that the spacecraft photographed the Earth every 30 minutes. Images of the Earth, which are published by NASA, are glued together from several individual frames, while the Russian satellite pictures of the planet as a whole. One of the scientists eastern Observatory NASA Robert Simon commented on the new pictures: "I think that these pictures are no better and no worse than those published NASA, they just show different things."

The Daily Mail also is in awe of shots made "Electro-L". "Our blue planet has never been observed with such clarity," — writes journalist Eddie Wren. The publication adds that the photographs, each pixel corresponds to one kilometer.

About the photos taken by Russian satellite, also write Global Post, SpaceRef, The Washington Post, Universe Today (titled From Russia with love — «From Russia with Love»), Terra Peru, Argentina and El Tribuno Lanacion, Univision, Radio Santiago, El Progreso, Radio Televiziјa Srbiјe and other international publications.


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