Sakurajima volcano in Japan threw a column of smoke and ash height of 4.5 km

September 26, 2013. Sakurajima volcano in southern Japan threw a column of smoke and ash to a height of 4.5 thousand meters, said Thursday Meteorological Administration, Kagoshima Prefecture.

In August, the height column of smoke was 5,000 meters. Scientists have calculated that if the volcano threw out 150,000 tons of ash, which is ten times higher than the average figures.

Previously, the record was considered a release in April 2009, when a column of ash reached 4 thousand meters, and the city of Kagoshima dropped 243 grams of ash per square meter. To clean the city were involved in more than two hundred sprinkling machines.

Meteoupravlenie has not yet reported on the ashes in the settlements near the volcano.

Source: RIA Novosti

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