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The large-scale study involving half a million men and women revealed a link between eating processed meat products and the occurrence of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Dangerous course. (Photo by A. Huber / U. Starke / Corbis.)

The study EPIC (European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition) seized 10 countries and 23 cities in Europe. Assess the impact of meat production on health has so far been rather difficult as there was a mix effects lifestyle. Vegetarians often take a more healthy behaviors than the general population: they less likely to smoke, they leaner and physically active. Only such a large-scale study allows us to separate the effects of eating meat and meat products from the effects of other lifestyle factors.

As established experts, diet, rich in meat products or processed foods, is associated with other unhealthy habits. For example, men and women who ate the maximum amount of processed meat consumed a minimum of fruit and vegetables and often proved tobacco addiction. Male meat-eaters also drank more alcohol.

In addition, the risk of premature death (increased risk of death from all causes) increased along with the number of eaten meat. Chance to get away from the life of "thanks" to cancer or cardiovascular ailing also grew along with the amount of meat, it turns the stomach. This relationship persisted after taken into account interfering factors, but the residual distortion delete failed. Researchers believe that the 3% of premature deaths a year could be prevented if the daily diet lost weight only 20 grams of meat.

However, as the authors note, a small amount of red meat brings only benefits, as it is, it is an important source of nutrients and vitamins.

Results of the study will be published in the edition of BMC Medicine.

Prepared according to Medical Xpress.

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