SC: Employees gathered outside Moscow Rosreestra bribes of 500 million rubles

Appear before the court former boss Nut-Zuevsky Rosreestra management department of the Moscow region and its associates are accused of repeatedly accepting bribes, the press service of the Investigation Committee

"Complete investigation of the criminal case against the chief of the Office of Federal State Statistics Service of the Moscow region Olga Yakusheva accused of committing 36 episodes crimes under paragraph" a "part 4 st.290 Criminal Code (bribery committed by an organized group), as well as leading specialist-expert of the same department Oleg Sushkina accused of committing crimes under paragraph "a" part 4 st.290 Criminal Code (bribery committed by an organized group). In addition to the criminal activity involved and the Roman brothers Vadim Ladnikovy who are accused of crimes under Part 5 of Article 33, paragraph "a" part 4 st.290 Criminal Code (aiding and abetting in the bribery), "- said a statement on the website UK.

According to investigators, Jakusheva in September 2009, organized and led the activities of an organized group, which involved the Sushkina and brothers Ladnikovyh. Jakusheva developed a "price list" of bribes, which determined the amount by which the defendants were assessed value of the work provided.

According to the "list price" for property owners receiving the cadastral passport of land had to pay from 500 to 50 thousand rubles for obtaining an extract of the land plot of 500 to 60 thousand rubles, for registration with the land of 10 thousand to 30 thousand rubles.

Designed by "price list" Jakusheva and Sushkin passed Ladnikovym brothers who met with members of the cadastral activities and customers cadastral works and in accordance with the stated amounts agreed with the victims to transfer money. February 9, 2010 one of the brothers Ladnikovyh was detained by law enforcement officers with a bribe of 50 thousand rubles. As a result of the members of a specified group of victims had received about 500 mlnrubley.

The consequence of sufficient evidence, in connection with which a criminal case with the confirmation of the indictment to the court for consideration on the merits.


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