SCANDAL: ISRAEL «destroy» RUSSIAN warship


October 26. Within the naval salon Euronaval, passing in France, Israel IAI showed concern marketing video in which one anti-ship missile destroyed a Russian cruiser Project 1164. This video caused outrage by the creators of ship: chief designer cruiser styled this video «linden».
The Israeli panel presentation shows anti-missile and anti-ship missiles, which are located on the surface warships. According to the plot shown potential enemy attack, presented in the form of a ship, imitating Russian missile cruiser. During the fight the Israeli system reflects strikes cruiser, then destroy it with one anti-ship missile, reports RIA «Novosti».
«This is a complete misinformation and linden in marketing activities. In 1-x, the ship impossible to identify correctly, as it is the only ship with so many attack missiles on the upper deck. Nowhere in the world is not the ship, and know all about it «- quoted by the deputy chief of the Northern Design Bureau Vyacheslav Senchurov.
He also notes that the Russian cruiser in their abilities, «a cut above that in this movie are trying to advertise,» because even in the absence of proactive self-defense, «the missile will not bring the ship out of service.»
Chief designer has already expressed its outrage representatives IAI. Later, representatives of the company brought a formal apology for the shield provided by disk imaging.
With all this other Russian gun was involved in the video of the French company Thales.
«They are in their own roller complex ballistic missile defense, created within the European missile defense, expressed as destroying container complex Club-K, at the same time took a piece of video clips directly from our company», — quotes agency’s deputy director for External Economic Relations «Concern Morinformsystem -Agate «Rostislav Atkov.
At the time of Thales danyny longer transmits video. Representatives of the company assured that Russian gun in presentation have been applied.

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