Scientists argue that the eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius could start at any moment

September 30, 2013. According to the latest research, the most famous volcano in Europe is up and is now ready to fill in the neighborhood of lava and ash fall asleep. In one of the research centers in Italy have long been studying a volcano that wiped out Pompeii two thousand years ago.

Scientists have made his statement at the international conference of volcanologists. There urged the Italian authorities to develop a new plan for the evacuation of residents of the dangerous area.

The fact that the old scheme of salvation residents foot of the volcano is outdated. It is based on the assumption that the eruption is not stronger than what happened 400 years ago, and especially the eruption of 1979, which fell into the story.

According to scientists, is particularly dangerous gas eruption that could happen tomorrow, and its premise is difficult to track, even in the laboratory.


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