Scientists have confirmed that the disease can be so far-fetched



When a person thinks or talks about any offensive or annoying his things and situations in his body increased levels of inflammatory markers, according to physicians from Ohio University, in the city of Athens (USA).

The results of their research will soon be presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society in Miami.

Associate Professor of the University psychologist Peggy Zokkola his comrades found that when the volunteers were asked to survive in the laboratory is an exciting event, the level of C-reactive protein in the blood plasma increased. This protein is an indicator of inflammation in the tissues of the body, that is, roughly speaking, the higher the concentration of C-reactive protein (CRP) in the body of the person, the more he is sick.

This is the first study to determine the relationship between the bad memories and inflammatory processes in the parts of the body, which "do not know how to think." It was previously shown that the concentration of C-reactive protein in the blood affect certain psychiatric disorders, such as depression, even light, which does not require hospitalization or outpatient therapy "at the hospital." Or diseases that manifest themselves in opposition to and / or are angry.

In the experiment, Dr. Zokkola 34 people took part in this — young, healthy women. All of them were asked to talk to the two interviewers as if the ladies get a job. And it is not just talk, and talk about yourself something good and not so, while the men in white coats volunteers listened stone-faced. This "conversation with the wall," even the most mentally adequate rights can cause a stress response.

After the "execution" half of the subjects were told to "survive" his performance in his mind again, and the second half — think of something positive, such as a walk on a yacht or a successful purchase in a store. Then those and other took a blood sample. Doctors have found that CRP concentrations are significantly higher in the plasma of those who, at the request of researchers thought of his public speech, deliberately cold the perceived examiners. Inflammatory marker levels continued to rise for an hour after the speech on its pros and cons.

At the same ones who, after the stress switched to talk about shopping and other amenities, the concentration of C-reactive protein levels rapidly decreased to normal values.

The main source of CRP in the human body — it is the liver. Any strong emotional shock, injury, trauma or infection provokes the secretion of excessive amounts of this protein. Therefore, its concentration in the blood, as well as ESR, a marker of inflammation and a criterion for predicting disease development.

People who have levels of C-reactive protein levels are constantly elevated, risk of heart ailment gain, from which you can die. Doctors from the UK suggest that such an anomaly immunity can be inherited.

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