Scientists have recognized the God particle



Physics Geneva confirmed the results of their own research. Scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), confirmed the results of their own research. They analyzed all the available data and determined that the open last summer, the particle is indeed the Higgs boson.

"By studying the data in 2012, we can confidently say that we are dealing precisely with the Higgs boson. However, we have still much to do" — the with reference to an employee of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Joe Inkandela. He added that physicists have yet to learn what type of Higgs particle is found belongs. To gather more data will increase the capacity of the collider physics, CERN said in a statement.

Recall that in June 2012, experts have said that they have discovered a particle that is in all respects fit the description of the Higgs boson. Then they were not exactly sure what it is "God particle."

Meanwhile, the study of particles allowed them to predict the death of the universe. These findings led them to a study of an elementary particle.

"If we make a simple calculation, based on the knowledge of the physics of the world in which we now possess, I have bad news for you," — said the Fermi National Laboratory in the U.S. Joseph Lykken. According to him, the universe in which we live is unstable. It will be destroyed by the big bang in a few tens of billions of years.

True vacuum bubble will expand at the speed of light, and swallow the universe. New Big Bang Theory, which none of the inhabitants of our world will not survive, was formulated in 1982, it was supported by many theorists, but they lacked evidence to confirm their assumptions.

Higgs boson — a particle, open the second half of 2012 with the LHC, has a mass of 126 GeV, this figure corresponds to the theoretical predictions of the Standard Model.

It is believed that it gives mass to elementary particles observed. If his weight differed by at least 1%, the probable end of the universe would have been different, or is it generally considered to be stable.

Sergei Semak

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