Scientists note increased volcanic activity over the past 50 years

The frequency of eruptions of volcanoes on Earth over the past half-century has increased significantly, the planet has entered a period of increased seismic and volcanic activity, said chief researcher at the Institute of Physics of the Earth named Schmidt, volcanologist Arthur Saltykovsky.

"Statistics … indicates that the last time since the middle of last century and the beginning of century, volcanic activity has increased markedly," — said the scientist during an online conference on the site of the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

According to him, the increase in the number of eruptions can be "linked to the overall activity of the planet, which is evident in recent years" — this earthquake and tsunami, which are the result of earthquakes. However, he added that the increased possibilities of science and for the fixation of seismic events, so the number of tectonic phenomena that we observe.

"Volcano Erupts in Indonesia. We erupted and erupting volcano in Kamchatka. Volcanoes erupt in Iceland, constantly erupting volcano Etna in Sicily … constantly erupting volcano in the Hawaiian Archipelago. The impression is that the increased volcanic activity, "- he said.

According to the Saltykov, those volcanoes that slept 100-200 years, may also be activated.

Last week ended with the eruption of one of the largest volcanoes in Iceland — Grimsvotn volcano in southeast Iceland. The last time it erupted in 2004, this time the eruption began on the night of Sunday, May 22. Plume of ash, smoke and steam from the volcano rose to an altitude of 20 kilometers. The airspace over Iceland was temporarily closed, then many flights were canceled in Germany and Britain.

On Wednesday, May 25, the Icelandic meteorologists said the Grimsvotn eruption ceased, only rises from the crater of steam, ash and smoke there. However, a cloud of ash ejected by the volcano remained in the atmosphere to 10.00 MSK Sunday.

In spring 2010, the eruption of another Icelandic volcano — Eyjafjallajökull- Led to the collapse of the pan-European aviation. For a few weeks it was completely paralyzed air traffic in Northern Europe and neighboring countries.

Source: RIA Novosti


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