Scientology is no longer in vogue: the western stars prefer teaching Satanist Aleister Crowley

Sinister: Peaches Geldof has an'OTO' tattoo (left) which is an acronym for the creepy Ordo Templi OrientisSinister: Peaches Geldof has an'OTO' tattoo (left) which is an acronym for the creepy Ordo Templi Orientis

Religious preference Western celebrities undergo disturbing changes. Whereas previously the most scandalous of them addicted to Scientology, but now there has been a far more ominous trend — Satanism, writes The Daily Mail. Idols of young people are increasingly turning glance in his direction. And the worst part about this is that thousands of fans, most of them impressionable teens can follow their example.

The reason for the excitement of the British edition has counted the recognition of the journalist, television presenter and model Peaches Geldof — the daughter of the famous Irish musician Bob Geldof and TV presenter Yates Flooring. 24-year-old socialite recently admitted its 148 thousand subscribers in Twitter'e, which is devoted adherent of the Order of Oriental Templars, also known as general relativity, and even has his initials tattooed on his left forearm.

The newspaper notes that GR was founded by one of the most famous Satanists XIX-XX century Aleister Crowley called himself "The Great Beast 666" and who had a reputation of "the most wicked man in the world." Crowley presented the Order and its motto — "Do what you want," which made it extremely popular among creative people — musicians and artists.

Thus, the famous English rock musician Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin's regularly took part in the occult and magic rituals and was so intrigued by the figure of Crowley that he bought his former home on the banks of Loch Ness in Scotland.

Other celebrities associated with the OTO, include rapper Jay-Z, who has repeatedly used the images and quotes from the works of Crowley in his works. His clothing line, Rocawear is literally riddled with characteristic OTO images such as the "all-seeing eye" in the triangle, the "eye of Horus" (the ancient Egyptian symbol, often used in occult texts), and the head of Baphomet (the horned androgynous idol of Western occultism).

Currently, hundreds of OTO members are scattered across the UK as a whole in the world there are thousands of them. A former FBI agent who investigated the satanic community of Los Angeles, said that some of the teachings of Crowley suggested casualties. And although skeptics see "satanic passions" of stars desire for public relations, others point out that they can create a dangerous dyavolomanii advertising.

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