«Scorpion-2M» — a special army vehicle entered service Russian military

The Russian Defense Ministry have graduated from municipal tests special army vehicles family «Scorpion».
About it, reports «Interfax», said Alexander Shore, CEO of «protection», which produces machine.
According to him, the Defense Ministry recommended «Scorpions» to the adoption. Machines can be put into service after the passage of the Interagency Commission.
Photo of
Alexander Shore, CEO of «Protection»
In municipal trials participated army cars:
«Scorpion LSHA-1» with an open top
«Scorpion LSHA-2» hard iron horse
armored vehicle «Scorpio LSHA-2B»
State tests of machines were conducted November 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013. According to the Ministry of Defense, cars tested technical features meet the requirements, and mine protection and resistance to incendiary eclipsed consistency requirements tripled.
Custom, all-wheel drive vehicle with excessive cross-independent suspension is designed for use on roads of all categories in all weather criteria. Done in different versions: with hard top tent on the frame or open body.
The car is capable of carrying different types of special equipment and crew to carry on the roads as a hard court, and off-road. The car can be used at an average ambient temperature from -50 ° C to +50 ° C (for UHL-1), the information posted on the website of «Protection»
The main properties:
Length, mm — 4810
Width — 2100
Height, mm — 2100
Wheelbase, mm — 3050
Track, mm — 1784
Gross weight, kg — 3500
Equipped weight, kg — 2500
Payload, kg — 1000
Seats — 2 6
Engine type — diesel Euro 4
Motor power, kW (hp) — 85 (116)
Engine capacity, cm3 — 2636
Torque Nm — 280
The highest speed, km / h — 130
Supplies range, km — 1000
Fuel tank capacity, l — 140
Wheel / drive wheels — 4h4/vse
Suspension — is independent, shock absorbers and anti-roll bars resistance
Transmission — a manual 5-speed
Transfer case — 2-speed
Brakes — disc
Basic equipment:
Mounts for installing additional equipment
Power Steering Tilt (included)
Winch self extraction
Tow hooks front and rear of the vehicle
Full size spare tire
Additional features:
Bracket for guns
Navigation system
CCTV system
Fire extinguishing system of the engine
Climate control
Ventilation hatch in the roof
Side, cargo shelf on the sides of the vehicle
Cargo space on the roof
In agreement can be installed any additional hardware
Possible modifications:
With a tight unit and the frame under the awning
With the hard top
With an open body
At the end of September 2013 it was reported that the Russian Defence Ministry wants to buy the 2014 pilot batch transport machines «Scorpio-2M», writes Lenta.ru.
According to A. Shore, order will be experienced several cars 10 s for each of the series, held municipal tests. Preparatory operations acquired vehicles will be implemented over the next year.
Machine «Scorpion» created to carry troops and cargo on different types of roads and terrain. In the vehicle interior can accommodate up to eight people.
The machines can be equipped fighting module production plant Kovrov Degtyarev. «Scorpion» is equipped with a diesel engine capacity of 116 horsepower and is capable of speeds up to 130 km per hour.
More: http://www.arms-expo.ru/049057054050124051052048053049.html
More: http://www.arms-expo.ru/049057054050124051052048053049.html

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