SEC Plemzavod Detskoselskiy — one of the best agro Russia

Dairy complex SEC "Plemzavod" Detskoselskiy "was opened at the Pushkin district, Leningrad region in 2006 and today is one of the most modern in Russia.

Dairy farming is based on a loose housing dairy cows in 1200 with two milking halls and a dedicated farm for rearing.

The complex is a single closed cycle of animals, milking and milk cooling primary superior quality. It consists of buildings connected by a gallery in which there are two barn for 600 head each. The technical parameters of the ITF "Detskoselskiy" provides the industrial production of more than 9000 liters of milk per cow per year.

Crop and vegetable processing is also one of the main activities of the company. In 2007, it launched an automated line for packaging of washed and fresh vegetables. Product range for vegetables is constantly expanding and is more than 20 titles.


In barns established a unique system of natural ventilation. The inflow of air through adjustable screens in the side walls, extractor — an adjustable skate the entire length of the roof. Dimensions of inlet and outlet openings are calculated from the amount and productivity of animals. In the barn there are no drafts and moisture. This microclimate is designed to protect the herd from infection.

In the center of the barn at 100 mm above the dung passage is feeding table. Zone and feeding separated by self-locking divider that provides many benefits for the care of animals.

Milking cows is produced in two parlors "Herringbone 2×12" with a quick exit. And most impresses milked cows 24 hours a day.

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