Secret Mars Exploration Program


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It is worth considering the hypothesis that the Americans have launched a new information policy: they are actively "dark", hiding the really interesting findings.
"Kyuriositi" really — very science-driven device, so expect more from him.

More than six months have passed since then, as the largest U.S. rover "Kyuriositi" ("Curiosity") gently down onto the surface of Mars in Gale Crater, located on the equator of the planet. The latest news from Mars — "Kyuriositi" was finally able to drill two wells in the area craggy rocks to a depth of 20 and 64 mm. Representatives of the U.S. National Agency for Space and Aeronautics NASA has named the drilling on Mars, "a stunning achievement." "The team" Kyuriositi "overcome the most serious boundary from the date of planting the device in August of last year. It's another glorious day for America "- leads the Bi-bi-si words of Professor John Grottsingera, chief researcher of the project.

The research program the device match the price (more than $ 2 billion), and was extremely extensive. It was assumed that "Curiosity", hung with sophisticated scientific equipment, will perform the role of a comprehensive researcher.

In particular, it was expected that will be studied history of Mars, and it was planned for this first compilation on the Red Planet of the geological section of sedimentary strata. Expected numerous analyzes of minerals and rocks, and new data on the presence of water and the possibility of the presence of life. The program, designed for two years, with a route length of approximately 22 km and even climb Mount Sharp height 5.5 km in the center of Gale Crater. Millions of people around the world held their breath, waiting for the avalanche of sensations.

But here was a quarter of the scheduled time, a widely publicized news flow is absent. Can not be considered a "sensation" photo rounded pebbles in a dry riverbed of the little brook, as the U.S. "Vikings" 40 years ago on Mars photographed by the grand river valley. In these dry valleys and pebbles and boulders, of course, are abundant.

Not suitable for sensationalism and "well" in the Martian soil to a depth of several centimeters. It is known that the Soviet "Lunar" drilled half a century ago, the lunar soil (regolith) of almost 30 cm This core was taken to the Soviet automatic stations, it is stored and analyzed at the Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, and was sent to the scientific laboratories in other countries.

That were able to figure out at the moment the Americans with his "curiosity"? For example, the fact that the water content of soil and small crater is only about 2%. This water is not free, it is part of the red iron hydroxides and look for water should not be here, and at the bottom of the gorge Mariner.

Unreliable tests conducted by American scientists of methane in the atmosphere as an indicator of life. First, after testing the rover, they have been widely publicized, and then disavowed: it turned out, the error came out, no methane. Of course, methane is present in the rotting swamps of the Earth, but it is also known that methane is in huge quantities in the atmosphere of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, where life seems to be no. In my opinion, the bygone life on the Red Planet evidence of red ferruginous weathering crust of Mars, which on Earth is a reliable indicator of photosynthesis, the warm climate and the abundance of free water.

Here, it seems, and all the achievements "Kyuriositi." Frankly, not a lot. Not that we expected from the ultra-modern station. But is it really? Should not the emptiness of the information field of cunning calculation?

It is worth considering the hypothesis that the Americans have launched a new information policy: they are actively "dark", hiding the really interesting findings. After all, the previous U.S. probes and rovers consistently reported impressive data. Were discovered huge river valleys, grand volcanoes, giant gorge Mariner, different sedimentary and igneous rocks, the abundance of rare earth minerals to maghemite. Finally, on Mars there were apparent signs of past life and artifacts that are very similar to man-made. Some of these objects were depicted in the photographs NASA, part detected by amateurs with an increase in small-scale and detail photos of NASA.

This panorama of the Martian appeared on one of the websites. But just 30 minutes later it was removed. Seriously?
Screenshot Essential author of a computer monitor

Were given photos of mysterious objects, similar to the pyramid rock paintings, "sculpture", building foundations, UFOs, pipelines, tunnels, entrances into the bowels of the planet with the "doors" and "hatches" of the road. Were transferred to a picture where the artifacts were found, similar to the boards, sinks, skull, lizards and even anthropoid skull. It would seem to final conclusions remained one step needed detailed chemical analysis.

And flew to Mars "Kyuriositi" with a set of chemical analyzers. Now the man-made objects can be identified. You can define a glass, metals, alloys, which clearly supports a highly developed civilization. However, for six months last information collapse. The rover as if blinded and lost analyzers. As if it is worn out and the wheels seem to be spinning.

But the first images transmitted by "curiosity" is indeed highly revealing: near an amateur-astronomomami were observed characteristic appearance of the old "shoe", an object similar to the outsole sandals, some kind of snake-wire, tube, covered with green patina. It even gave us reason to suppose (see "NG-science" from 10.10.12) that the rover sat up straight in the trash. On the horizon was visible mysterious dome in the sky above the mountains — a pair of moving UFO …

I accidentally "caught" in the online video from a moving "Kyuriositi." In the frame was visible a small metal (brass?) Detail, like a cover of the old ink with some marks on the edge, next to the rover flashed oval shade, similar in shape and size to the tray. Half an hour later the site has disappeared from the World Wide Web.

But it does mean that the sensational, obviously man-made anomalous objects lying near by, at the beginning, "Kyuriositi." There is no doubt that they were immediately analyzed, and the results obtained … classified.

It can be assumed that U.S. researchers had irrefutable proof of the existence of past or present remnants of technological civilization.

As you know, photos and analyzes of these artifacts do not appear in the press. But some have begun long "hardware test" photos "dry creek bed" with obscure angular pebbles, unsuccessful "search for life" on the content of methane in the atmosphere, "drilling" the depth of a little finger, etc. It seems that American scientists are wasting time, feverishly coordinating with the administration and intelligence agencies really sensational ways to hide the evidence of the flow of unimportant information, almost no scientific value.

Obviously, Gale crater was selected for planting is not to be a geological section at Mount Sharp. We have already noted (see "NG-science" by 10.10 12) that this mountain — the wrong place for such a task. But NASA does not mention that in Gale Crater is planned man-made point dashed straight as an arrow, a mysterious road with flying (?) Over her white "cars." These images NASA, taken from an American orbiter, posted online.

Americans may not timely noticed this "man-made" information because they are inundated with millions of high quality, but small-scale images of the Martian surface. They just do not have time to process them. The most valuable "detail" is outside their field of view — and it is successfully used by "amateurs", opening the enlarged pictures are real secrets of the Red Planet.

This is how the two wells drilled "Curiosity" on Mars: right — 20 mm, left — 64 mm.
Photo: Reuters

It seems that Americans have long been aware of the technological civilization on Mars. Know but are silent, even though it leads to a belated scandals, as was the case with the moon, when the UFO and traces of civilization on the Moon spoke American astronauts retired, who was over the subscription period of non-disclosure of state secrets. And the Soviet Union was also a top secret "mission to Mars", when three volunteers, the truth in the world, experienced a one-year sentence in a cramped cabin environment full of nightmarish isolation.

It is clear that now the information with "Kyuriositi" carefully filtered. Americans do not want to open them get free world. Unfiltered images of Gusev Crater, where earthlings empty eyes staring almost human skulls were apparent leak of classified information. Now Americans have become smarter. You have to think that the old managers of the project dismissed and "Curiosity" serve new and better prepared guys.

Perhaps in Gale Crater using orbiter found some major man-made objects. Perhaps, in fact, appeared on Mars Scout, the first kosmoshpion earth in the guise of a geologist. Let's see what will be able to surprise the citizens of Earth rover "Kyuriositi" for the remaining time in the research program.

Author — Alexander Portnov


The article caused disbelief and bewilderment, and a very serious doubts as to the objectivity and reliability of written material. As the article is directly related to the science, I would like to advise edition — I hope this can be to find the resources — to articles in category "Science" to use common scientific publications in peer review principle. I think that Russian specialists have enough for every area of science, who would be unable to perform the functions of expert reviewers. Certainly not in any serious scientific journal such an article, Mr. Portnow publish could not because of the scientific inadequacy. For scientists and experts on the topic, nonsense written in the article is obvious. But here's a wider audience, "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" unfortunately unable to accept this publication at face value.

Cyril Yasenev 10.03.2013 00:18

Apparently, all it is, as you write here. But why write about privacy on Mars, if you can not — you do not give — to write about the same on Earth? Let this open secret, but still — will not. And, in fact, it is the question of the existence of the human race on Earth. Nuclear apocalypse is not threatened, but the question again is worth. Why write about the mysterious objects on Mars, if you can not write about the mysterious, but human beings created, the objects on the Earth? Look at the millions of kilometers thick copper cables buried in the ground in Australia, China, the U.S., Russia and Kazakhstan — they are now perfectly visible on satellite maps.

Very visible and traces of the special soil preparation on the routes of these cables, stages of construction … Miraculously, the same technology and design elements in China, Australia, Russia — if one works construction team. It's now all can see, up to the assembly process of giant cavities in these underground cables in China. I can poke a finger. But why? Anyone can see at a glance. But everyone is silent. All can also be seen on YouTube giant glowing tops in the sky over Norway and in other countries, such as radio systems generated by HAARP. And all too silent. Oh, and the system itself, has just set a record for power produced by its stratospheric plasmoids will not be a threat to life on Earth because of the changes in the radiation belts? Not with these experiments is due to the emergence of a newly discovered satellites third of the Earth's radiation belt, had never existed?

Also read all the news about the beaching thousandths of a flock of sea creatures with traces of skin burns. Again, everyone is silent. Something in the legends of ancient Greece does not say anything about the dolphins are beaching themselves. Oh, and in other nations — as well. We started with the whales. Then he got to the dolphins. Just recently got an octopus, and now, here, and herring in Icelandic fjord. Where will we be released to you? Those who are added and added Megawatts in their monstrous systems themselves do not know what level of power these burns the skin will lay them and us along with them. But the damage that is already applied to all living things, studied, of course, with great care. If the general silence, then people everywhere gagged their mouths. And if so, then on the face of collusion of governments of the world powers. Think about the situation — tomorrow may never come! And you are on Mars …


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