Secrets of the childrens camp in Florida

Excavators have found 50 bodies buried under the borstal institution for boys, which was closed in 2010 alone,.

Over the years, almost nobody in the school is dosed (Dozier School) did not know about the burial in a forest clearing on the border of the campus. This area was prohibited. These lands, which are now run by small ants, hides much more than the remains of the little boys. Only now she begins to uncover the secrets of their sinister: the horror stories on the permitted state barbarism, including corporal punishment, sexual abuse, and probably murder.
The fact that the school is dosed Arthur Gee (Arthur G Dozier) — borstal house for boys, founded in 1900 — not a resort, it was known long ago. Boys, aged about six years, chained to the walls, often beaten with leather belts, and in the first decades of the children have been forced into slave labor for the production of bricks and work on the printing presses. After closing in 2011, the school became the subject of independent investigations by federal and state governments.

After the occurrence of suspected causes of death buried boys on the state government has increased pressure to shed light on the darkest secrets of the school in Marianna (Marianna), the city on the specific area of Florida, which was once a stronghold of the Ku Klux Klan, and a place where in the 1934 lynching of Claude Neal (Claude Neal). Pressure comes from a few surviving inmates of the school, the relatives of the dead boys in it, and a leading Senator Bill Nelson of Florida.

"There is no smoke without fire", — said last month, Senator Nelson, referring to the state government, asking them to delay the planned sale of 1,400 acres of land of the old school, the team of forensic anthropologists at the University of South Florida was able to complete the investigation of graves on school grounds, begun last year. He would like to see all the bodies found have been identified and returned to their relatives.

So far, the team led by Erin Kimmerle (Erin Kimmerle) limited its work to the territory around the once secret cemetery. It is known that from 1914 to 1973. 98 died in the school boys. Since last year, Professor Kimmerle found 19 previously unknown tombs, in addition to those 31, over which crosses were made of steel pipes. That adds up to 50 graves. Elsewhere must be 48 graves, if we assume that every corpse threw in a separate grave.

"It exceeded our expectations," — she said. — "Our goal — to find out who these children are, what happened to them, and to understand the stories." The official position — all the children died from accidents such as fires, drowning, or other natural causes — does not satisfy her. She cites the example of one child, Billy Jackson, who recorded the cause of death — kidney failure. But for him there is a report saying that two weeks before his death, he was beaten and taken to hospital. "Common sense tells us," — she said that he died from the beatings.

Now there is no doubt that the dosing area schools — a shameful place in Florida. For this you can say thank you to a group of survivors in a metering school, who call themselves the "White House Boys» (White House Boys), because that was the same color structure, which previously practiced corporal punishment. Ten years ago, they began to seek each other via email and social networks, sharing painful memories. In a book called "The White House Boys — American Tragedy", written by Roger Dean Kaiser (Roger Dean Kiser) about his time at the school, he calls it — "a concentration camp for little boys."

Streli Robert (Robert Straley), which opened a website, was 13 years old when he got there. So far, he says officers with fear, including one-armed Troy Tidwell (Troy Tidwell), who beat him in the first day. "Their actions were completely unpunished" — he says. — "Most of beating 11-year-olds. They loved to beat up kids, because there was no danger of revenge when the kids were carrying bricks. The older boys were, those with less beatings they faced. "

In the city of Marianna is difficult to talk to someone about the school. 62-year-old Creamer Calvin (Calvin Creamer) knew the school shoemaker who manufactures the shoes with heels Kleimenov so they can search for runaway boys as well — leather belts for corporal punishment. "These people were from those who have used it," — he told me about the men who supported the discipline. — "When the escapees were caught, they were tortured. The police did not interfere with it. They stripped them naked and forced to haul 50-gallon drums, and then beaten. "

42-year-old Tom MakSueyn (Thomas McSwaine) works at an animal shelter in one of the cottages to the former officers, and heard all the stories. The worst story was on the night when the guards woke the boys in the block for white — this was before desegregation — they brought them under a dark field, issued weapons and ordered to shoot at anything that they see moving. "When they included lanterns, then it turned out that they covered the running of black children and boys had to shoot them."

70-year-old John Trott (John Trott) was a student of juvenile justice in Florida when he visited the school, around 1965. "They sent me to see the bedroom in which the beds were set so close together that were close to each other. There have been 50 or more children, and none of them stayed awake until I examined them. I knew that this was a violation, "- he says, then adds. — "I'm sure there have been cases of sexual violence against children, which made the other children and staff, although not seen it."

Over the years, working in the Office of Juvenile Justice in Florida, Mr. Trott each year personally attended school is dosed. Now, living in Marianna retired, he talks about what he knows himself. On the more serious charges he finds it difficult to accept. "I will not deny that they used the belt. But the bodies and stuff … I do not believe the charges of murder. But I can not prove that they are not committed. "

Professor Kimmerle plans to extend their search to the side of a small cemetery — on Booth Hill and to other areas of the campus. And it is seeking permission to begin the exhumation of corpses and their transfer to the forensic examination of the state. If such stories as told by Mr. MakSueynom true, and it will find the evidence of boys being shot, the school will host the dosing of the crime, and the government of Florida will have to deploy a more thorough investigation, which could lead to prosecution.

However, now it has a more modest goal — to help people like Glen Varhedo (Glen Varhadoe), whose uncle Tom went to school September 22, 1934, and died at the end of October of the same year. Writing about it, to send to his mother just two weeks, it's too late for the funeral, and too late to ask questions. The official cause of death — pneumonia and anemia. "How could a 13-year-old child, who had a perfect health before entering the school in Marianna, where the average temperature is 29 degrees Celsius, died of pneumonia after 35 days if treated well with him?" — He asked last week.

No one could tell where the buried Tom Varhedo. Now his nephew believes that there was a small chance, and Kimmerle professor and his team finally find his remains. If they find them, it would require them to yourself. "This is my job. I want to take him home. " It away from Marianne.

Robert Streli sent to school is dosed in 1963 for running away from home. He was 13 years old, and, as he told the Independent, the first Sunday he immediately got into trouble.
"I weighed 47 pounds and then have a little knock in the bedroom. I approached a group of boys, who sought to escape. I'm tired of the shoots, and thought that this place is not so bad. I said, "No, I'm going to stay here." But someone behind us, heard the conversation and told us. About eight hours of Troy Tidwell (overseer) took us to the White House. They opened the door and lined us up against the wall in a row. They include industrial fan to drown out the cries of the boys. "

"I stood at the end of the line. Never before have I heard someone screaming and crying because of the wild pain, and it was disgusting. When the boys came out, their heads were down, their hands covered groin, their eyes were glassy, and they were bound form.
When my turn came, I was in shock. It was like a nightmare. You can not believe that this is possible. "

"When I came in, there was only one bed with a soiled mattress. They ordered me to lie down and do not let your hands from the headboard. But I let go of his hands, because he had to see what they beat me. When I turned around, the two men were on me, they grabbed my hands and my feet, and I got another 10 hits. But I could see that it was, this belt was about four inches wide and less than an inch thick, double-stitched, and in the middle of it was a metal plate. He was also heavy as a baseball bat.

If we run away, we would get 100 lashes for this belt. I'll never forget one of the boys. I think he was 15 years old, a little more than me. They literally flayed from his lower back. It was like the meat for the burger. "

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