Seismic activity in northern California

Seismic activity in northern California Natural Disasters

February 14, 2012 in Northern California earthquake at a depth of 32.9 kilometers force 5.6. The epicenter was located close to the National Park "Redwood." Tremors were felt not only in California, but also in the southern part of Oregon. Day, there was also a few jolts to a depth of 0.5 kilometers of the power of 3 to 4.3 near Anderson Springs, where 8 November 1980 there was a major earthquake measuring 7.3.

In an area where there were the most violent shocks, the most populated cities are Arcata (17 000) and Eureka (26000). Although the USGS has been declared a green alert level, aware of any injuries were reported.

Seismic Service of Northern California reported that the likelihood of serious consequences for the next week is 28%. Although seismic activity continues, it is estimated that the probability of a major earthquake in the region is 10.5%.

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