Severe frosts in Europe recede

Severe frosts in Europe recede Weather and Climate

Photo: February 2, 2012, the ice floating on the river Spree in Berlin.

Cold weather in Europe continues to grow, and the forecast for February 4-5 portend further decrease in temperature. In the Czech Republic the night temperature readings reached -38 degrees Celsius, and Rome powder with snow. To date, as a result of severe weather conditions killed about 218 people, most of whom were villagers.

In Ukraine, the number of victims has risen to 101, almost twice a week, of which 64 people have died in the street. As a result of strong frostbite 1,600 Ukrainians seeking treatment at medical facilities. In order to prevent an increase in the number of victims around 3,000 shelters set up across the country. But lower temperatures are expected: at night the temperature will range from -25 to -30 degrees Celsius, and in the afternoon — from -16 to -21 degrees.

In some regions of Poland, the temperature dropped to -35 degrees Celsius, taking the life of another 8 people with a total of 37 victims. Record remains fixed on the south-western Bohemia temperature -38 degrees.

In Bulgaria, 60% of the surface of the icy Danube. According to local press reports the total number of victims at 16 people, but the official figures are not yet known. On February 3, 2012 more than a thousand schools in the north-east of the country have been closed because of heavy snow and icy wind.

In Rome, the second time in the last 15 years, the snow fell. On the outskirts of the capital of snow reached 5 centimeters. In the alpine region of Piedmont temperature dropped to -30 degrees Celsius. Authorities reported heavy snow and traffic on some highways in the central regions of Italy. However, the movement of trains was restored after several days of disruptions in the schedule. In recent days, the death of three homeless people.

In the south-east of England the temperature dropped to -11 degrees Celsius. Meteorologists promise snowfall up to several centimeters across the country. The authorities are worried that the sudden cold after an unusually warm winters in recent years has caught the British by surprise.

In most regions of France shines bright winter sun and a third of the territory, mainly in eastern and central, is covered by severe frosts and pierces winds from the Baltic region. Electricity consumption has broken all records. In Brittany and the Riviera residents strongly advised to turn off all appliances at least 4 hours a day to avoid power outages.

In Russia, more than 64 people were killed in heavy frost. In Moscow all week the temperature remained at 15 degrees Celsius. In Kamchatka, was recorded the lowest temperature of -48 degrees. As a result of the severe frosts nationwide electricity consumed increased by 30%.

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