Severe weather conditions in a number of U.S. states

Severe weather conditions in a number of states in the U.S. Natural Disasters

According to the latest tornado caused heavy damage to property Harveyvil, Kansas, located 48 km from Topeka. The event took place in a small town with a population of 230 inhabitants at 9 pm Feb. 28, 2012, when a violent storm walked around Kansas. At midnight on the main site of Topeka was reported nine victims, one of whom was in critical condition, as was still under the rubble of the house.

Severe weather conditions have also been observed in Missouri. It was recorded the strongest gusts of wind of 112 kilometers per hour, and hail the size of a pea or a coin. Two mobile homes were overturned and some power lines knocked down in northwest Missouri.

Pre-National Service meteorologists U.S. could not give specific data, except for information on serious structural damage. February 29, 2012 for security purposes in the state of Kansas were temporarily shut down two highways. At the moment, several states announced warning of possible tornadoes.

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