Seychelles idyll in danger

Seychelles idyll in danger Weather and Climate

Sudden heavy rains disrupted idyllic tranquil shores of the Seychelles. Due to climate changes during dry periods are longer and more severe storms, so international organizations help local people keep the world's only country whose territory is 50% of the reserves.

"Seasons mix. Short showers occur more frequently, but periods without rain extended. Of drinking water is rapidly declining, having a negative impact on diet and reproduction of the species, "- said Rolf Payet, an expert on climate change in the Seychelles. Of that, an increase in temperature makes beautiful places of the island under the threat of forest fires, especially because the forest floor is completely covered with dry palm leaves.

UN and other international organizations have allocated $ 8.7 million for the implementation of adaptation projects on the islands of the Indian Ocean. Part of the money will go to address the regions affected by drought, and the rest — for the protection of certain animals, endangered as a result of global warming, for example, tortoises, frogs and black mountain parrots. Significant sums will go to protect and restore coral reefs, as well as strengthening the coastlines from storms.

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