Sheriff, Special Forces and assault rifles — the story of eviction


Idaho Springs (CO), at first glance, it seems quiet, peaceful and even an attractive small town on highway I-70, in the mountains west of Denver. However, the day October 30, 2012 Management of Clear Creek County Sheriff's proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the surface can be deceiving. Make no mistake, this type of law enforcement — not heart Mayberry RFD. This tactic was used in a military-style attack on unarmed protesters.

But first, let's go back a bit in the past in order to better understand these events.

Donahue Sahara (Sahara Donahue) has lived in their home for more than 20 years, was engaged in social work, and was a decent law-abiding citizen. She was injured as a result of a life-threatening accident, including a head injury, which doctors have not investigated properly, within a year after the accident. She is no longer able to carry out their duties at work, and therefore had to rely on the generosity of friends, a few years to help pay her mortgage. She used all the means of communication with the banks, and even retained a contract with a lawyer, hoping to find some solution to save your home. However, the banks (as well as in the corrupt Agent), apparently had other plans.

When its funding came to an end, she asked for help, and then responded to Occupy Denver with the Colorado Coalition of Resistance bank Evictions (CFRC — Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition). People began to send calls via phone, email, social networks and other possible means to disseminate information about the situation. Some even responded and made the journey to stand with Sahara at her house. The planned eviction on Thursday (October 25) did not happen, and even more people responded to the call for protest at the next scheduled date of eviction on Tuesday (October 30). In addition, on Monday afternoon a few of us gathered in front of the US Bank in downtown Denver to support the Sahara when she tried to enter the building the bank to directly talk to someone and ask for a 60-day grace period to find another residence.

While US Bank spoke to her teeth, some of us went up the canyon to stand up for her and support her, in case of eviction the following day. The same evening, we were informed that the only compromise proposed Sahara — immediate eviction — BUT — they are so generous that it will keep things within 30 days. Those of us who stayed in the house, started planning our activities for the remainder of the evening and Evictions Day.

We barricaded the road fallen trees, to restrict access to the house and spent a couple of spontaneous assemblies to discuss our tactics. Sugar expressed their wishes that we be respectful when the sheriff arrives, because she had a good relationship with the community. We agreed that we will respect her wishes, and we come to the problem peacefully. We have assumed that the agent arrives with a team of workers to remove things from the home, and the sheriff has to come here to "save the world". Sahara also requested that one of the group members was representative. He will be speaking directly to those who will come and give the sheriff legal writing. Thus, all will go smoothly, and we will avoid unnecessary confrontation.

When night came, we shared stories, discussed ideas, and enjoyed each other's company in a peaceful and positive atmosphere. In the end, people began running for the night. Most slept in the house on the sofas and the floor, and I and another went to sleep in our tents near the barricades at night in case of unexpected surprises.

The next morning we started to move, as soon as the smell of cooked coffee. It seemed that the general feeling of excitement hovered over the group. We have received reports of several more people going to join us, and we had another meeting to discuss the tactics of the team's arrival in case of eviction. Some of us gathered wood to reinforce the barricades, and other prepared food, and everyone was ready for the expected events (or so we thought).

The first truck arrived with the container, which is obviously needed, so that the workers threw her things into it. Seeing the barricades, the driver got out and talked to us. He was quite friendly and gave us the support and then called his boss, who in a few minutes had ordered him to take the container back. It was the first victory of the day, and excitement filled the air.

A little later approached and stopped a white van filled with workers of the company «day labor». These were the people who had to throw things out of the house. They had to wait for the arrival of the sheriff, and since there was no cellular connection, they relaxed and just chatted for a while with us. We even tried to recruit some of them to stand with us, but to no avail. Finally, they decided to go to the foot of the mountain, and look for a place with a more powerful signal provider. We all started to celebrate a second victory, filling the air singing, "Na, na, na, to, hey, hey, hey, Good-bye!"


The situation turned to face us. We felt that we have achieved incredible success. And then we heard a car pulls up. Rounding a bend, through the trees, I saw a car approaching sheriff. And right behind him, I saw another car, and another, and another, and another. Arrived about 10 cars filled with people in full combat gear (including assault weapons in hand, at the ready), they immediately poured onto the road in front of the house. All of our plans and discussions, we did not expect such a form of reaction. In them we only have convinced themselves that a sheriff would come here to "save the world". And do not forget — we were unarmed, peaceful protesters.

A representative of our group grabbed a megaphone and tried to encourage everyone to run to the house, but it was already too late. Special forces launched the operation. When we were racing down the road, we intercepted a few men with assault rifles, they shouted at us, demanding to kneel. I ran up to the left of the representative, shouting into a megaphone, trying to figure out which of them is the chief to give him the letter. Officers did not care. In fact, when the representative told them that he had a letter, one of the officers shouted, "No, you do not have letters!" And they kept telling us to get up to his knees. We were left standing, and tried to tie any conversation.

At this point, I was standing there with a representative and several others. My height — about 188 cm, and weight — about 90 lbs. Others, standing next to me was just as great, if not more, with the exception of the old gentleman to my left. Since none of us knelt, these heavily armed military officers decided to arrest the smallest and the old among us. With all its firepower and intimidation techniques, they set their sights on the least impressive person. They pushed his face into the dirt and gravel, and bound his hands behind his back, snapping locks handcuffs.

Finally, the chief of them came forward, but when he got the letter, he told us he would take them, but it does not matter. Then he put them, in fact, do not even look at them. It was obvious that those with money and weapons, could not even care less about the ongoing injustice, and they were willing to do whatever it takes to shut us.


One of the activists offered to take me to the car, as the sheriff was so good that he let some of us go without punishment. We headed down your way, and saw a bulldozer at the foot of the hill, which was just waiting for our orders to demolish the barricades, and the van working «day labor», ready to fulfill their duties. When the car turned onto Highway 103, another revelation came over me. There, on the side of the road waiting for the ambulance attendant. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to Sheriff's Office was ready to do, and he was unbending intent to do everything necessary to fulfill the desires of their bank.

We went to the local convenience store near the entrance to the city. While we were sitting, collecting his thoughts, and trying to move away from all the accidents, I was struck by something else. I watched the townspeople as they blithely passed by, and it occurred to me that all of this — a kind of metaphor for our society today. Nearby, at the top of the hill, innocent people were sent to the head weapons, people were evicted from their homes, and more. Meanwhile, the rest of the city lived in their daily routine, not paying attention to what is happening around the bend.

Is not that what's going on with society? People around the world are persecuted, enslaved, oppressed, tortured and killed. Meanwhile, the majority of people continue to turn a blind eye and ignore it, because they believe — it does not concern them. They may not even like it, but they refuse to even lift a finger to help, because it would prevent them comfortable, cheated life. They do not realize how little distance between them a comfortable life and a life on the street, just a gun aimed at them, or worse. By the time they finally lift a finger, it will be too late.

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