Shimonahinya Nile — Prophecies about Russia


I would like to share memories of the gift of foresight mother Neela. A few years ago, we held a meeting in the church clergy County and then we Silvanus priest, rector of the church of the village Kosmodemyanskoy Vinogradov went to my mother.

Father Silas wanted to talk to her. When we walked in, my mother said: — Who should drive the rector of Trinity Church of the village priest Leonid Konobeeva flat. Indeed, it was not long, how did my father Leon Id. And we agreed that he would come, and my mother could not have known that he was going to come to her. This indicates that the mother had the gift of God's providence. This has happened more than once. And in meetings and in conversations constantly manifested this gift. (From the memoirs of the abbot of the temple set. St. John Chrysostom in Voskresensk Abbot Innocent) The life shimonahini Neela (Evdokia Andreevny Novikova), known to many Orthodox people in all parts of Russia, the sixth ended March 1999

Gracious gifts of the Lord oxbow lake — clairvoyance, prophecy, wise counsel, healing the sick, comforting, attested to come to her for help and advice. She saw a man's soul with spiritual eyes, begins to see his life as a real and past and future. Therefore, it is effective it was to help people, care of the aged women cell comforted, encouraged and winged.

Prophecy, instruction, prayer

One day my mother asked, whether late today to build new churches, to which she replied: — For late yesterday.

But the Lord extended the time for Russia. In general, my mother said many times that the Lord may delay the fulfillment of prophecy. Much depends on us believers of our prayerful attitude, repentance from our feat cleansing itself. Six months before his death, my mother said that the forty-first day after her death, the police will come and nothing out of the house you can not take it. Therefore, it is blessed to give all-all, to the last things to the arrival of law enforcement house remained empty. And so it happened afterwards.

Mother Neil talked about the need to constantly pray everywhere — both at work and at play, and in the transport of:
— Work in the hands and the prayer on the lips. Prayer is first of all, my daughter!

The importance of prayer, she said this:
— The world is sustained by prayer. If at least one hour prayer ceases, then the world will cease to exist. And especially need prayer the night, it is more pleasing to God other.

— The Greatest and difficult feat, to pray for the people. To endure, to pray, to work, no matter what, no matter how reviled, reviled not. There are a reproach to the left of the evil one, and there is also the right of the family. Both — it's hard, but it is useful and even necessary. All that is sent, it is necessary to do before the eye of God, with the memory of the Mother of God, to address them. No external works are necessary, and most of all — the purification of the heart. Do not allow yourself no guile, to be open with people. And do not think about yourself.

One night my mother woke her cell attendant with the words:
Daughter, a war broke out, get up! Must pray, get up! The next morning on TV, radio and in the newspapers reported that the outbreak of hostilities in Chechnya (1994). Somehow came to my mother nun from Siberia. When she flew on an airplane was a problem with the engine. My mother said to her: — More on airplanes do not fly, it's unreliable now, and more will be even more dangerous. It is better to train. One of the spiritual daughters mother asked if she could go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and received this reply:

— Nothing you do there! Modern Russian pilgrims desecrated the Holy Land and sinned in it so much that you need now, according to our holy places to go, to repent and atone for sins. Do not bless the drive there, no! How many holy places in Russia where you've never been! St. Sergius did not go to the Holy Land, and his prayers, our Russian land sanctified. The kingdom of God is within us is — and God must live in us. Therefore, Jerusalem must be the heart within us. The Lord has commanded not to travel to the Holy Land. That's where we have Jerusalem and the Holy Land, said my mother, pointing at the heart.

But these words do not mean old women, that she is not blessed pilgrimage. Close mother remember such a case. Came to her pregnant young woman who has had a very difficult family situation. My mother reassured her, saying that everything will be fine, will be born to her son, and then suddenly blessed her on a trip to Jerusalem. By the way older women, she traveled to the holy city during Easter, was present at the descent of the Holy Fire of the Holy Sepulcher. After the pilgrimage, and the family she was adjusted, and she gave birth safely, as well as my mother predicted. Sorrowfully told my mother about the women and girls who walk in the pants:

— It is impossible for women to wear men's clothes, and men — women. Will have to answer for it before the Lord. Do not wear, and other stops. And you know, women wearing pants, during the coming war will be drafted into the army — and few come back alive. When my mother uttered these words, one of those present thought, "What is wrong if I'm working in the garden in the pants, so it is more comfortable." My mother immediately responded to this thought:
— And you're walking in the garden in the pants do not do this, especially to answer!

Dubbed the newborn baby, and then my mother said the cross:
-Take care of it, the age of twelve he will live without a mother.

My mother said:
— You can not throw the children. People do not understand "what is the trouble, do not want to repent and improve. The blood will wash their sins. You can not leave a child, a mother should feed the baby.

About Russia

My mother said she likes most of all Russian people, because they are hard-working, compassionate, hard-working.

In his later years, and especially after the collapse of the country, my dear hearts with pain and grief experienced and worried about the events taking place in Russia. But with what force of conviction and hope she prayed for her beloved Motherland! Do not just say it comes to her spiritual children:

— Children, Mother of God will not leave Russia, she loves Russia, to protect her, save her. Russia — the country of the Mother of God, and she will not let her ruin, intercede for us. After all, she loves Russia! Russia will rise and will be a great spiritual country.

At the same time my mother was clutching her little fists and a menacing looking off into the distance, repeating:
— It will not allow enemies to crush Russia, will not burn in the flames of fire!

My mother said:
— Where holiness there and the enemy creeps.

Mother predicted that the time will come when, as in the days after the October Revolution, will drive the Christians in jail, booking and sink them into the sea.

— When will the persecution of believers in a hurry to go to the first stream of departing into links cling. tire compounds, but do not stay. "Those who are the first to leave, would be saved.

— You will see everything with your own eyes, your generation will welcome the arrival of my antihrista.Detochki, I feel sorry for you — she wept at these words, and be sure to add — but thank God for everything!

One priest asked the old channel:
— Mother, I am weak, I am afraid that the coming of the Antichrist.
— Do not worry, you wait, but did not experience the hardships.

My mother has repeatedly talked about the upcoming trial that during the reign of the Antichrist will commit the torture with people of any age are not invented. But the old woman opened it, she saw the spiritual eye, not to frighten, but above all to strengthen the faith and hope in God's help. She kept saying that the Lord will not abandon His faithful — and soaks into hunger, consolation in sorrow, shielding and shield them in misfortunes and help move worthy of any suffering, persecution and suffering. Recalled with the words of the psalmist David: "Do not be ashamed in the evil time, and in dneh GLADA shall be filled" (Ps. 36, 19).

— All I have the strength mja Lord. And do not be afraid, children, do not be afraid of what will be, or may be, or even should happen according to the prophecy of God's people. God is stronger than all and all, He will give assistance in the tests will give strength to be patient and humble, when you want. If only we were obedient to His holy will. Ask the Advocate diligent and she will not leave you.

Once a person has suddenly become a formidable mother, as if she saw something terrible spiritual eyes. Several times she angrily slammed his stick on the floor with the words:
— What do you know what udumali! Babies stamp Antichrist. Angel will amaze those who dare to do it!

One day, my mother put her head in the Nile with both hands and exclaimed:
— What will happen! What will happen to Russia and to us all!

So repeated several times, then, as if reassured, said:
— No, I will not say anything, does not bless the Lord. Then, turning to being in his cell, she added:
— It is necessary to look for a house next to the church, the only way you will be saved. Home difficult — run to the temple!

Mind's eye my mother saw that the current and the next generation expect him perhaps even more serious trouble and trial. Most often, she told me about his camp experience of survival in conditions of hunger, when there is virtually no reserves of food:

— How terribly hungry, God help you survive this. In the camp of bread almost never seen. When freedom came on, I thought that would never naemsya bread. But come hungry. In childhood happened in Ukraine look around — to the horizon bread stand, ears bloodshot, one to one. Wind blows — like waves on the sea go to the horizon. There are no weeds in them was not. And now look — to the horizon one can see the weeds. Abandoned land, and she — the nurse. Everyone needs to work on the ground. People will have to answer for the fact that the land is not cultivated. That's why the famine comes, the land is abandoned. If there is a plot, each plot of land ought to handle, sow, and the earth will survive times of famine. Plant potatoes and vegetables at all locations where will, start chickens. It is hard to be — potatoes, cucumbers eat. — Inventory not save, because hunger will begin immediately. Each year, will become increasingly difficult, yields will fall, less land will be processed. Everyone should try to be closer to the ground. In big cities, life will be very difficult. Hunger is a come that people will go into the house to find victuals. Will hit the glass windows, break the door, kill people for food. Weapons will be in the hands of many, and human life is worthless. — In the coming of the Antichrist will be famine such that the grains will not. It will be necessary to harvest lime leaf, nettle and other herbs, dried, and then brew — this broth is enough to power.

My mother said that by the end of times on the site of St. Petersburg will be the sea. Moscow also partially fails, there is a lot of voids in the ground. When she was asked about the house and the village where she lived, the mother said:

— Nothing is left of the village. My hut will be one more. There will be war, destruction, but my hut will remain. I do not see this, and you will see. Get out on the road and will Egorevsk my hut, and nothing outside it does not. When there is a war, it will destroy the village. — There will come a time when the Chinese attack us, and all will be very difficult.
These words of my mother repeated twice.

— Little children, a dream I saw. The war will be. Lord, with fourteen years under the gun put to the front lead the youngsters. Remain in the homes of children and the elderly. The soldiers will go from house to house and everyone in the gun and put the drive to war. Robberies and bezchinstva those with weapons in their hands — and will be littered with the corpses of the land. My little children, I feel sorry for you!

— Many, many times my mother repeated. More than all the saints loved mother of St. John the Evangelist. She said she loves the Apostle and Russia will come to us at the time of the Antichrist. One of his spiritual children of Mother gave this prayer:

"Lord, Thy will be done in me a sinner in all the ways of life, Pomozov stay true to thee till the end. Holy Mother of God, save me, a sinner. St. John the Theologian, my mentor wake, wake predstatel and my prayer to the Lord and His Blessed Mother. Amen. "



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