Siberian Generating Company continues to implement the five major investment

Siberian Generating Company continues to implement the five major investment projects on the territory of Kuzbass eNovokuznetsk is building a gas turbine power station installed capacity of 298 MW, as well as reconstruction of power number 4 and number 6 Belovskaya power plant and construction of power number 4 and number 5 Tom-Usinsk GRES.

"Siberian Generating Company" in 2013 to continue the implementation of major investment projects on the territory of Kuzbass on the construction of new generating capacity, and will also participate in the financing of social programs in the region.
Liabilities of the company is reflected in the agreement on social and economic cooperation in 2013, signed by the governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleev and CEO of OJSC "SUEK" Vladimir Rashevsky.
According to the document, the administration of the Kemerovo region, OJSC "SUEK" the Group "Siberian Generating Company" (SGK) undertake to cooperate in ensuring the stability of the socio-economic development of the Kemerovo region, development of coal mining and energy industries, to solve complex socio-economic issues with the reliable operation of the coal and power enterprises and investment in the economy of Kuzbass.

Among the strategic objectives of the Siberian Generating Company for the development of energy facilities — implementation of the five major investment projects in the Kemerovo region in the implementation of contracts for supply of power.
Works on all construction sites are maintained on schedule. Commissioning of new power will significantly increase the installed capacity of the power system in the region that would eliminate energy deficit in the Kemerovo region and increase the reliability of the entire energy complex Kuzbass. Such major construction projects and solve many social problems — to create new jobs, contract work load and related organizations, are tax deductions to social funds and local budgets.
As part of the Agreement, "the Siberian Generating Company" also assumes the commitment to fund the many socially important activities and projects in the Kuzbass. These projects are related to the support of regional and municipal institutions of education, children's creativity and youth volunteer initiatives, as well as to support cities and towns, where the utilities company: Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk, towns Inskoy (Belovo) and Pritomsky (g toes). Recall that in 2012 the company has fulfilled its social obligation in full by funding more than a dozen different social projects in the Kuzbass.

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