Siberian scientists have sensational method of returning people to life

In the Novosibirsk Clinic immunopathology RAMS The clinical development of new methods for restoration of vital functions of the human immobilized after a stroke.
Mobilized to fight cell macrophages.
They are isolated from the blood of the patient, cultured in an incubator and put back into the patient. Macrophages take up dying cells and induce stem cells to the activity of the brain that are beginning to create new neurons — the very cells of the nervous system, about which it is assumed that they "can not be restored."
According to the head of the department of Immunology Clinic immunopathology RAMS clinic Natalia Starostins restored and how. Current test data showed that all patients have the appropriate recovery processes. A particularly illustrative example of a patient who was more than a year in a coma before it applied the new method. The result was a resounding: three months later she got up and restores your speech already.

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