SIBUR has commissioned a new gazoproduktoprovod

"Zapsibtransgaz", part of the holding SIBUR,
completed construction and put into operation a new high pressure pipeline "Gubkin GPP — tapping into the Urengoi-Chelyabinsk."

Single-line pipeline diameter of 720 mm and a total length of 21.2 kilometers will provide reliable and safe transportation of dry stripped gas from the Gubkin GEA pipeline network of "Gazprom". Old gas pipe diameter of 500 millimeters, which has been operated since 1989 and took place in the immediate vicinity of the village purpe and federal highway "Surgut-Urengoj" out of service.

Compared with the previous pipeline operating pressure in the new pipeline has increased from 7.0 MPa (megapascals) to 7.5 MPa, which increased the capacity and performance of the pipe by 25% — up to 2.5 billion cubic meters per year. 

The new pipeline is equipped with cathodic protection system, which protects the pipe from corrosion. The label is equipped with remote control, which allows remote control of valves and fittings. In addition, the manifold is a system of power supply, the system of instrumentation and automation, as well as a communication system. Implemented technical solutions meet the requirements and standards of safe operation of gas pipelines.

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