Singapore company will build industrial park in Pskov region

Singapore's state-owned JURONG International will participate in the creation of an industrial park at the site "Moglino" in the Pskov region.
"According to preliminary agreements reached consulting company will undertake the development of a master plan for industrial park and in the future — management of a new industrial zone", — said the regional governor Andrei Turchak today at a press conference in St. Petersburg. Earlier, a Singapore company to bid on the project in Skolkovo, where she won 3rd place.

The agreement is currently being prepared for signing. According to the governor, working papers between the administration and the company will be signed until the summer. Turchak not rule out that "public signing will take place during the Russia-Singapore Forum this fall, the third party to the agreement acts Ministry of Regional Development."

Company representatives, who arrived in Pskov at the beginning of the week, had to assess the prospects for the creation of a technology park on the grounds "Moglino" and "Stupnikovo" and select one of the projects. They held meetings with potential residents Technopark. "The main thing is that they saw the Russian investors willing to become residents," — said Turchak.

The governor did not name the contractual investors who expressed interest in the project, except for the Russian research and manufacturing company General Satellite. Interest in Technopark showed a number of Russian and foreign companies, including those working "in the field of radio and microelectronics," he said.

Investor interest in the project Andrew Turchak associated with borderline situation and the implementation of the concept of transference of customs clearance to the borders. According to the governor, in the case of the organization of industrial park there may be up assembly plants or production of components and Pskov region will no longer be just a transit hub.

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