Sinkhole in the Chinese Shenzhen claimed the lives of 5 people

May 22, 2013. Suddenly, in the street of one of the industrial suburbs of the Chinese city of Shenzhen, a neighbor of Hong Kong, was formed sinkhole, whose width was 10 meters. The incident occurred in the evening, when the Industrial Park of Huamao with day shift workers returned.

Unfortunately, it is formed in situ collapse were several park employees and bystanders. Five of them have fallen deep into the funnel and died. Respond immediately and save them failed. Upon the death is under investigation, the identity of each set. In other news, one victim managed to pull it off.

Education excavation collapses on the streets of Chinese cities in recent years has been a disaster, is gaining momentum. In the quickening of accidents is largely to blame for poor quality of construction works and architectural imperfect technology, preferring fast pace of work, rather than a quality check handed over the object. Also in Shenzhen in March 2013 in a small sinkhole fell guards of the building; incident filmed outdoor security camera.


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