Six people from the legendary longevity


According to ancient records, live longer 200 years earlier was not considered unusual. It is not known what factors it was due — the climate, genetics, nutrition, or other levels of radiation than in the modern world. But the common qualities of all these people, whether they are real or legendary characters people have been searching for inner peace and a serious attitude to compliance with morality.

Noah 950 years

"The Sacrifice of Noah", a picture of Daniel Maklayza

Noah, one of the patriarchs of the Bible, known as the construction of Noah's ark. According to legend, when the deluge came, he was 600 years old. God gave Noah instructions to build the ark, so that Noah, his family and a number of animals survived the disaster. After the flood Noah lived another 350 years.

In the era before the flood reached the average age of the patriarchs of almost 1000 years. After the Flood, these figures began to decline. Noah's son Shem lived only 600 years old.

Peng Zhu, 880 years

A descendant of the Yellow Emperor Zhu Peng of China is the epitome of longevity. Peng Zhu lived in the era of the Shang dynasty in the XVII-XI centuries. BC, lived at different emperors. He looked very young, even in his last years. He had 49 wives and 54 sons and daughters, and all he went through.

The site is a legend, when the emperor of the Shang Dynasty asked him about the secret of longevity, Peng said, "During his my life I have been through many wars and misery. I've never had enough to eat. Look at my body withered and thin. I'm scared that I will soon see my children. Why so long to live? "

There was a rumor that he had lived so long, because Death is accidentally forgot to write down the name of Peng Zhu in his book.

Peng Zhu. Photo: WikiMedia Common

"The immortal yogi" Devraha Baba, over 250 years

Yoga guru Baba was, throughout life came to him, many people, from the poorest to the richest, including politicians and religious ministers.

Baba lived by the river Yamuna. As he was sitting there, many of his followers came there to ask for the blessing and protection. It is believed that Baba did not take any food, he only drank water from the river. Baba could not stay under the water and hold their breath for 30 minutes. Baba supposedly born in the XV century, and died in 1989

Devraha Baba.

Do Lingyuan, more than 256 years

Yuen was a master of martial arts and an expert on herbs. On his secret of longevity, he said this: "Keep the heart in silence, sit like a tortoise, walk sprightly like a pigeon and sleep like a dog."

Lee believed that any person can live for at least a hundred years, if it reaches the inner harmony, quoting the words New York Times. Lee has 23 wives and 180 children.

Lee died on May 6, 1933 Before he died he said to his disciples, whom he taught martial arts that he had accomplished his mission, and it was time to go home.

Do Lingyuan. Photo: WikiMedia Commons

Henry Jenkins, 169 years

Jenkins, from North Yorkshire, England, was born in 1501 and died in 1670 in the later years of his life, he begged, though he had once worked at the Lord Butler Hornby Castle.

Despite the fact that he lived a poor life, almost a century after his death near his tomb was installed bas-relief.

The inscription on it reads: "Despite the fact that the indifferent world despised and disregarded his low and humble position, fair eye of Providence has blessed his health and longevity wise to teach the erring people a lesson about what a blessing — it's restraint, life at work and calm the mind. He lived a wonderful long life and was buried here Dec. 6, 1670 His memory was immortalized in 1743. "

Henry Jenkins. Photo: Robert Sayer Mezzotint / National Portrait Gallery, London

Sarah, 127 years

Sarah was the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. The Bible says that Abraham came to the three men and one of them predicted that he would have a son by Sarah. Sarah heard the conversation and just laughed, thinking it was impossible, because at that time she was already almost 90 years. Abraham turned a hundred years old when he and Sarah's son, Isaac.

According to the Bible, Sarah died at the age of 127 years. She was buried in the Cave of Machpelah, which is located to the south of modern Jerusalem.

Sarah and Abraham met three angels. Illustration: WikiMedia Commons

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