Snegobolotohodnye transporters from Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg factory specialized machines "Continent" in 2003, produces chetyrehgusenichnye snegobolotohodnye transporters carrying capacity of 10 tons and 15, as well as various modifications of special equipment on their base.


The range includes the following modifications:

TC — board platform

TC-AP — bus passenger

TC-AGP — Cherry picker

TC-APP — for light oil tanker

TS-ADC — fire bluster tank truck

TC-ANRV — for ground vehicle repair water pipes

CU-BM — drilling rig

TC-CMU — Loader cranes

TC-EX — steerable excavator

All versions are available on a standardized chassis chetyrehgusenichnogo terrain vehicle without bonnet and bonnet assembly. Swamp is equipped with a diesel engine JAMZ-238 M2 with 240 hp, which provides car speed of 30 km / h

Specific soil pressure 0.22 kg / cm2 provides high throughput for non-cohesive soils, range is 300 km.


New — Fire tank (designed in 2012):

Thanks to the user Peat-Industry for the info!

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