Snezhinskiy scientists have developed a device for checking the items on the strength of

Turn the illusion into reality. Snezhinskiy scientists have developed a holographic device that scans a laser on the subject of strength, whether it is football, car seat or a rocket engine.

It can be easily fooled by television camera, to distinguish from the fake currency note and just to please the eye. Scientists used to believe that hard numbers, not illusions still could not resist the awesome optical phenomenon — holography. "At the time, the experimenters have seen that the object is covered golografiruemy stripes, and could not understand what was going on, trying to get rid of them, and then began to explore the nature of this phenomenon"- Says Vladimir Gaponov by design.

It turned out, the band kept a lot of interesting information.

The essence of the system is simple: the laser scans the image and digital equipment as accurately transmits the data to a computer. The slightest touch of the test plate — and all changes that come with it, immediately visible on the screen. Moreover, the process will continue for several minutes, while the temperature across the wafer surface will not be the same again.

In place of the plate can be anything. Laser scan and a particle size of a few square microns, and a ball diameter of three meters. Development will help to detect defects in the construction of buildings, bridges, test the strength of automotive parts, aircraft and missiles. And quickly and without much effort. "In the scientific and popular programs show that plane glue over a large number of load cells, load devices, expended more energy, greater human resources. And this method — a holographic measuring system — allows non-contact measurement of strain, and also in the dynamics ", — Explains Alexander Emelyanov, head Snezhinsk Physical-Technical Institute.

For accuracy they simulate the loads that object will experience the reality: heated, cooled, crush, knock blown. Next — data analysis, which will show where the weak link. In the plans of developers — to improve the system, find investors and establish production.

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