Snowfall disrupt your normal life in Beijing

Snowfall disrupt your normal life in Beijing Weather and Climate

Ground and air traffic in China's capital, Beijing vybilos from the usual schedule due to last almost day snowstorms. Due to unstable weather conditions stopped working two railway express route. According to the city was declared a warning relating to increased snowfall. All citizens officially made known that snowfall may last another day.

The capital's international airport because of deteriorating visibility 51 flight was canceled, another 22 flights were delayed. One hour in the early snowfall average snow depth reached 4.7 cm, 5 cm in some places Since blizzard only intensified, and traffic on the roads deteriorated, the city distributed a Beijing school leadership to end the occupation until noon.

Chinese provinces and cities, adjacent to Beijing, also experienced difficulties due to the huge amount of snow. In Shandong closed 60 express routes. Problems arose on roads and Hebee Tyantszyne. All day on December 13 did not work in the provincial capital of Shandong airport city of Jinan, resumed its activities until the following day.

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