Snowmobile Tayga 550 PATROL SWT from Russian Mechanic

Snowmobile TAYGA 550 PATRUL SWT comes with maximum 600 mm wider track. Odnoamortizatornaya adjustable rear suspension with torsion springs, combined with a wider track provides improved stability and functionality of the snowmobile in the operation, allows to overcome the most severe off-road conditions of the snow.

TAYGA 550 PATRUL SWT utilitarian snowmobile equipped with a telescopic front suspension, the increased speed, indispensable to use on rough terrain and forests. To facilitate snowmobile patrol 550swt taiga in the chassis used plastic rollers, which give it a finished look.

At 550 snowmobile Tayga Patrul as new items installed LED flashlight. LED taillight snowmobile tayga patrul swt vibration resistant, has high brightness and long life. For the convenience of passengers boarding set foot rest.

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