Snowmobiling TAYGA in Montenegro


Domestic snowmobiles will now be operated in Montenegro. 15 units of Russian equipment already entered service in the Interior Ministry.

Snowy winters the last few years left outlying areas of Montenegro without transportation and communication. To get to the mountain communities could only snowmobile. Therefore, the operational service of the country decided to adopt this only effective in severe weather equipment. After analyzing the market, the Montenegrin experts opted for snowmobiling in Russia. In March, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Montenegro Miodrag Koljevic arrived in Rybinsk for this production of "Russian mechanics." During the visit, a contract was signed to supply the party snowmobiles TAYGA Patrul 551 SWT «Security forces" in spetskomplektatsii for the needs of the Interior Ministry. The structure of this security agency in Montenegro includes the IFL, so domestic appliances will not only safeguard the order, but also used when performing search and rescue operations. Specifically for snowmobile was visible from a distance, the hood was a bright orange color. In addition, the machine is equipped with an additional set of lighting, including lights and flashing beacons.

After obtaining all the necessary documents for the export of 15 pieces of equipment, accompanied by experts of "Russian mechanics" went to Europe. Employees of the company held on the site of pre-training and training. The leaders praised the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro detailed training of its specialists. Three staff members of the mountain rescue service were held in-depth training program and now will be able to perform warranty and service equipment.

TAYGA 551 PATRUL SWT «Security forces" — is the newest snowmobile designed specifically to patrol the border zone and critical facilities, performing search and rescue operations. It has a large capacity, high traffic, the ability of autonomous movement over long distances.

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