Snowstorm hit the U.S. after tornado

Snowstorm hit the U.S. after tornadoes Weather and Climate

Fig. Residents of Kentucky are near homes, destroyed a string of snow tornado. March 5, 2012.

In addition to the terrible consequences of tornadoes in the states of Kentucky and Indiana has been heavy snowfall, snow cover has formed a few tens of centimeters. Snowfall greatly complicate rescue operations that are carried out in the region, and increase the risk obursheniya damaged buildings.

Number of tornadoes swept through the south and north of the Indiana Kentucky, is at least 30 separate tornadoes. The total number of victims of the horrific disaster approached 39 (21 people in Kentucky, 13 in Indiana, three in Ohio, and one each in Alabama and Georgia). Among the dead there are children.

The situation is complicated by the falling snow, which has already been hit by two 6-and 9-foot tent, arranged for a lifeguard service. Now rescuers are served in a crowded shelter, along with the victims.

All the efforts of the local authorities aimed at clearing the villages and bring them back to normal. Employees of law enforcement agencies are trying to stop any attempt to plunder the damaged and unprotected buildings and cars.

According to conservative estimates, the tornado caused the damage cost management Kentucky at 5.8 million. Despite the fact that in March and April, a tornado come standard that occurred on March 5 parade tornadoes found perhaps the most terrifying. The situation with a tornado in 2012, recalls the past year, when, after numerous tornadoes in the United States, there were 550 victims.

According to weather forecasts, snow clouds will move closer to the West Virginia and on to the ocean, which means improving weather conditions in the affected states.

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