Snowy invasion of the State of New York

May 28, 2013. Despite the fact that spring has fully come into its own throughout the central and southern United States, and before the summer less than a week, in the mountainous part of the state of New York fell unexpectedly impressive piece of snow. Snow storm covered the slopes of the mountain and surroundings Uaytfeys a meter of fresh snow.

Mountain peaks in the nearby Vermont received up to 457 mm of snow. Some mountain villages was about 177 mm. Vermont Last seen so thick snowfall and snowfall is on the eve of June only in 1816. That year, in the north-eastern United States and southeastern Canada was called "the year without a summer", because even in June in the southern suburbs of New York State (Ketskilz) three days (from 6 to 8 June) and lay the snow melted. Snow was also in the central and northwestern Pennsylvania, in the Hudson Bay sailors saw the June falling snowflakes.

Of course, since the early 19th century cold and snowy summer happened a few times, but never during this time the snow did not fall out in such numbers. Gift celestial office seemed so unexpected that the organizers of the celebration of Memorial Day had to cancel some sporting events that were to be held in the open air.


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