Sobyanin has declared war on Sea Shells

Our courts made machines. What could be worse? Only our yards, cluttered garage — "barnacles" or "canisters". Metal monsters stand and occupy space on the pavement or on the lawn. They appeared in the nineties. Because of gaps in the law, "shells" are not legally equated to the garages and tents to the car, which allowed to set this mess anywhere (on general Parking in front of the houses, on lawns, and sometimes on the playground). Previous Mayor of Moscow (Luzhkov) tried to fight against this phenomenon, but to no avail. Oh, I remember how some human rights activists screaming about the right of every automobile owner to put his shell anywhere. So what was the result? Townspeople motorists themselves defiled Moscow!

Paradoxically, but now many metal awnings are not used to store cars! They just take up space! Look, even before the shells raschertili place in the parking lot!

And this universal phenomenon! Do not be surprised that in the summer I publish photos taken in winter. It is in winter photo clearly visible drifts in front of seashells. This means that the metal is not used for awnings parking!

Here metal awnings have taken away a piece of the yard of the road, where the snow is removed, so the drifts can not be determined that the shells do not enjoy. But also these iron coffins not used for storing therein vehicle. Do the owners of garages (if they were needed to their owners) would be allowed to climb on the roofs of the children and making snowmen?

Some garages are not only not used, but they came in disrepair!

Others are used, but as a warehouse for the storage of different stuff (not related to the car). Here is an example shell next to the house — a great place for bike storage. In what would become of our city, if every resident got himself close to home this shed?

However, there are actively used by the construction. One of the owners even asphalt the lawn in front of his iron coffin.

Other motorists wall entrance to their garages cables. That no man put his car in front of it (!) Shell. That is, He decided that he can then put his car, while others can not!

Another harm of shells — a reduction of security in our own backyards. It seems you are near to the house, but because of the shells can not see what is happening there. Can hide behind them thieves? Or are they the same child would be taken for the garage, and all can not see what there doing to him. And it would seem, at 10 meters from the house.

More from this mess can not be tolerated! And the current Mayor Sergei Sobyanin close to addressing the problem of metal boxes in our backyards. Shells in the city was noticeably less. Think of your yard, for sure, was made to garages. Now their number is greatly reduced or they have disappeared altogether. The process of demolition shells and change the urban landscape for the better:

This whole area was filled with metal awnings. Now it is a regular public parking. Anyone (not just the owner of the shell) can leave your car here. However, as you can see, until the liberation of households (even in this particular place, Aleshkinsky passage, 93) is still far away.

And here (street Paustovskogo, 3) shells demolished remainder.

I understand that the machines also do not paint the urban landscape, but agree that the shells, which until recently stood here and spoil it much more.

Owners of metal awnings are not thrilled with the prospect of losing their shells (even if they are not already in use). Strongly resist the demolition of their scrap metal (the set is completely illegal).


Clean up the shells of our courts must Council. Recently, their work has become less active, but still, it continues. And that is good news.


If you want to metal shells removed from your yard faster, send email inquiries to prefectural governments and with the requirement to dismantle the illegally installed car tents.

The capital of Russia — this is not the place for sheds!



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