Sochi: a unique lifting of the roof Adler Station

March 22 by NPO "Mostovik" (Omsk) above the station Adler station under construction at one time established a uniform roof structure weighing 760 tons. Unique operation to lift the metal frame of the roof at the mark of 30 meters in total took 8 hours.

The frame of the roof — a huge network of transverse and longitudinal steel beams. Upon completion of the lift, which took all the daylight hours, the design of the roof was fixed on jacks and the safety rods.

Adler railway station complex will be put into operation in December 2012 — by this time will be fully completed all construction and finishing work performed device networking and communications. The new station will take passengers in the first half of 2013.

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The design plan dimensions 63 by 96 meters has a complex profile: In the western part of its bending radius is greater than the eastern, and that defines the image of a sea wave.  

In the preparatory phase skeleton was assembled at around +15-20 meters on the box girder "mezzanine" nadputevogo of the railway station on a special slipway. The next step — lifting and installation of the roof in the design position.  


In the preparatory work involved dozens of specialists NGO "Mostovik" and JSC "Institute Giprostroymost": engineers, architects, surveyors, installers. Were carried out accurate calculations of possible changes in the geometry 760-ton structure during ascent, calculated how to bend under its own weight and the farm as possible deviation of the frame relative to the vertical axis. Modeled and taken into account the behavior of structures under wind loads and vibrations from passing trains. In order to minimize the effects of vibration on the metal frame when lifting, the speed of passing trains was limited to 10 km / h. Given the total effect of all factors, including the adverse — error deviations 760-ton structure in terms should not exceed 50 millimeters.  

The unique process step lifting of the roof was carried out by four powerful 320-ton jacks mounted on specially mounted steel tower height of 34 meters. The four points of the roof mounted high-Strand, by which, and to lift.


Within half an hour the massive metal frame was elevated above the support points to an average of 40 cm and then jacks were stopped and surveyors began to measure the positions of the control structure. At the end of the monitoring, which lasted two hours, the specialists of "bridge builders" have confirmed that the giant structure is not subject to external influences and from the design position is not rejected.

Upon completion of the lift, which took all the daylight hours, the design of the roof was fixed on jacks and the safety rods. At the final stage of the art "bridge builders" will bring under its 31 permanent footing, and then perform a device of decorative facades station, mount and translucent roofing system.







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