Sochi: Big Ice Palace opened for children

Young figure skaters and hockey players train at the site of Sochi, where the 2014 will compete for Olympic medals. This opportunity provided to them "Olympstroy" and the team responsible for the operation of the palace.

For the sake of future champions in the palace every day if you are ready to cook ice, adjust the sound and light, start up the complex system of ventilation and air-conditioning. While the "big" works for children 3 times a week.

Pavel Smirnov, a teacher-trainer Youth in winter sports Sochi: "We have here the second week of skating. In children, a lot of emotion. They wake up with the thought of hockey and go to sleep thinking about hockey. At this stage they wake up craving for the sport. Thank you for this wonderful builders of the palace — one of the most beautiful in Russia! "

On the next scene the young skaters are taking the first steps towards Olympic medals. Coach Vladimir Milehin calls the appearance of your home base near the historic event. This ice skaters in Sochi was never.

Vladimir Milehin, president of the Federation of figure skating in the Krasnodar region: "Sochi residents trained at the exits on all rinks Krasnodar region. Where we just were, in Yeisk, in Krasnodar, in Kuschevka, Tikhoretsk. Finally went to the home ice. Skate in Sochi. Many thanks to the builders. In the palace — great! "

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