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83,000,000 Americans — in the care of the taxpayers

The notorious nanny state in action: more than 72,000,000 Americans receive assistance under the program Medicaid, yet almost 11,000,000 people — Temporary Assistance for those unable to work. In sum, this — more than the population of any country in Western Europe (Ed. figures, of course, are overlapped, but there must also be made to 48 million Americans receiving food coupons, and 90 million unemployed).

In 2008, at the height of the crisis and the coming of a new host at the White House, the number of those who receive assistance from the Medicaid program at least one month, amounted to 58.7 million people. After the first term of the president, in 2012, it grew by 23% to reach 72.6 million people! If you collect all of these people in one place, you get the 20th most populated state of the planet.

But that's not all Americans, of whom were forced to take care of 99 million taxpayers (in fact, in 2012 their number was about 140 million, but about one-third did not have to pay anything because of tax benefits)! A little less than 11 million U.S. residents received assistance due to a disability or, after simplification of procedures for filing documents and criteria for assigning this status, with the "inability to work."

To compare the current situation with the golden age of the American dream — a little historical statistics. In 1968, 66 million Americans work accounted for less than 1.3 million "unable to work" or about 1 to 50 disabled employees. Now it is 1 in 9 disabled taxpayers.

Half a million bankruptcies in five months

In the first five months of this year, about 500,000 people in the United States have filed for bankruptcy. At the end of last year, we recall, 1.2 million Americans got rid of debts by means of institutionalized procedures.

The main reason for the bankruptcy are still credit card debt. Banks rarely make concessions to debtors and high interest rates on loans are forcing people to go to extreme measures. In addition, in recent months has sharply increased the number of businesses have closed their companies (shops, restaurants, offices, etc.) after 5 — 6 months of unsuccessful job. Opening a small business, unfortunately, today is almost the fastest way to bankruptcy.

Financial experts advise people to go broke actively restore credit history. The surest way to regain its former position — open a security credit card and make monthly payments on time. According to statistics, the majority of bankrupts restores excellent credit rating (excellent credit score) after 4 — 8 years. They again become "reliable" in the eyes of the representatives of the banks and get long-term loans for the purchase of real estate or vehicles.

The only category of borrowers who can not get out of debt through bankruptcy, are the students. Total debt obtained in colleges and universities, education is more than $ 1.05 trillion. This is about $ 250 billion more than the population of the debts on credit cards. Today, President Barack Obama and members of Congress are looking for a way to ease the financial burden of graduates.

NSA has become the largest employer of mathematicians in the United States

The extraordinary challenges nationwide system of domestic spying, code-named «Prism» require extraordinary brains: U.S. National Security Agency (National Security Agency — NSA) officially became the country's largest employer of professional (and also the best reliable) mathematicians. Meanwhile, the Americans are mobilizing their own resources, en masse, they have bought the book "1984" and cartridges!

Former NSA analyst Edward Snowden (Edward Snowden), who discovered a network of potentially unconstitutional domestic spying and forced to flee abroad, for fear of an accident and the right punishment, revealed not only a conglomeration of Internet giants — from Microsoft to Apple and Google — are cooperating with the secret services. He drew attention to a powerful system of recruiting the most talented personnel from among the gifted and most important, particularly trustworthy citizens.

Representatives of the NSA, of course, categorically refuse to disclose any data about how many people are working under the roof of the service, although it is known that the NSA staff exceeds the total number of employees at the FBI, the CIA and several other smaller U.S. intelligence. But they have officially recognized that the service has become the largest employer of mathematicians involved in solving complex cryptographic tasks.

In exchange for a deathly silence and loyalty to the grave (to become a full-time analyst can only U.S. citizens who are deemed sufficient security clearance for access to classified information), mathematics receive a six-figure salary, comprehensive amenities and freedom at work that are not even dreamed of employees on Google, as also, of course, a lot of interesting practice.

However, getting there can not all! Even the doctors of science has to pass several hours of interviews with luminaries in the field of mathematics, psychologists, special person, and so on, plus actually defend mini-dissertation before a makeshift scientific committee. And without exception, the candidates take a lie detector test, then check all the ins and outs (including all the sins of his youth, and all the neighbors in the apartment or on campus in the last 10 years).

After about a hypothetical system called «Prism» appeared in the media and led to another major scandal in Washington, many Americans have realized what was coming, and apparently decided ahead of time to stock up on reference books … According to the website Amazon, ranks the fastest selling books — the so-called «Movers and Shakers» — sale of anti-utopia "1984" by George Orwell, published back in 1949, jumped to 69%!

Sales of the most common weapons in civilian calibers, by the way, are also at a record level — U.S. manufacturers for several months simply unable to cope with demand. They emphasize that the recent huge purchase cartridges U.S. Department of Homeland Security did not cause the deficit, just Americans fear the worsening political situation and preparing for possible unrest.

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