Solar eclipse of May 21, 2012 satellite view Electro-L

Russian weather satellite "Electro-L" is located in geostationary orbit at an altitude of 36 kilometers. It has been successfully operating for over two years, and every 30 minutes, takes a picture of the entire disk of the planet Earth with high detail to 1 km per pixel. In the archives I found the satellite images which capture the solar eclipse 20-21 May 2012. I bring to your attention the processed image and the animation of the event.

Gif animation (1.2 mb)

In the source you can see the animation in a larger format, and download photos of the eclipse on the desktop.
Unofficial pablik satellite "Electro-L" vkontakte: / electrol

The original images on the website of the Scientific Center for Earth Operative Monitoring (NTs OMZ)

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